Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Human - Animal Hybrid ???

A superior animal with a human instinct or a human being with the strength and animalistic characteristics. Men and beast may one day become a man beast creature with both the characteristics of both the species and such a creature if allowed to breed like rabbits will wipe out the human beings.

Those of you who has seen the Star Wars by the famous and visionary George Lucas would know what I mean. You see the many faces of those strange beings from the different planets.
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We may think it is impossible but if some mad scientist were to secretly experiment and researched with the human and animal embryo's and sperms and come out with a human-animal hybrid beings.

Some day this could be a reality.Some where in the not too distant future , the Earth may have such a creature, a half man - half beast like the Greek mythology, a centaur , having the heads , arms and torso of a man with the body and legs of a horse. It could be a were wolf or mermaid or it could be in many variations or hybrid, like the Star wars characters.

How these beings will react or what their behavior will be is still unknown. They could be more superior than human beings and in this case our human race may not survived their onslaughts.

This is a dreadful thought, for such beings are neither human nor animals or wild animals who have the superior intelligence of men. The hunter then becomes the hunted.

In the movie, 'The Planet of the Apes ', where humans were treated like animals and the gorillas were humans.That is how we humans treat other animals till they were out of extinctions.

Any scientific research and experiments into this field is very risky and fraught with dangers , in creating something the world may not expect or seen.

We may develop a new superior being or a malicious sub species which will destroy the Earth and it's inhabitants like the "Lord of the Rings."

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Monday, December 29, 2008

The nearly weds

They are almost there but yet fate is unkind to them and their dreams are shattered .It is a devastating and cruel blow and being single again in their 30's is calamitous.

They have spent years in a long term relationship which they thought could lead to marriage and at the last minute , the man suddenly chickens out.

Their life's are turned upside down and the prospect of starting again from scratch is very daunting . They have no choice but to shoulder on and hopefully meet a better prospect in the future.

She may feel a sense of failure on her part or wonder if there is something wrong with her or that her expectations were to high which lead to the break up.

When women are in love , they are like a runaway train without brakes going down a hill.They will only stop when they lose all the steam and smashing everything in its path.

It is not all doom and gloom as even in dark clouds, there are silver linings.It would be better to break up now then to get married and divorce later .

She should consider herself lucky to discover his lack of commitments at this stage. There are some women who hooked up with some men for 10 years and nothing have changed. They are like stucked in quicksand and powerless to get out .

Being single again gives her an opportunity to find and understand herself and live the life she wants. She may decide to pour her life and soul into her career and being financial independent.

Whether you are married or single, you can still find happiness and you are a complete person and you do not need any man to make you complete. You create your own happiness.

It is better to have loved and lose than not to love at all.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is a horror story that is beyond believe and for anyone who is unlucky to meet such a T-Rex who would not only want to devour you but all your next generations .

How a Korean American couple who ran a dry cleaning business in the US were put out of action by a ˜frivolous˜ law suit in the US.

The story began in 2005 when Washington DC Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson sued Mr Jin Nam Chung and Ms Soo Chung for US$67m after they misplaced his pants.
The pants were later found.

The Chungs successfully defended themselves in the US$54m suit. But they now owe about US$100,000 in legal costs.

In the US , it is the country of litigations. You sue me and I can sue you to claim the insurance money.

They were Korean immigrants who thought of going to US or their dreamland to make their fortunes. It was unfortunate or bad fortune that they met this judge and who sued them for whatever they were worth for the loss of his pant.

This pant would probably not worth much.His pants was misplaced and later found , but this judge was baying for his blood. What kind of person would do that?

If you lose your pants, the owner will pay you back in cash . That would have been the end of the matter. This man's anger was so high that he would not settle unless the Koren paid him in millions for that single pant. When they could not agree, he sued him.

Mr. Chung won but the legal cost was so astronomical and he had given up his business because of this lawsuit. This judge destroyed Mr. Chung.For one pant ,Mr.Chung had to pay US$100K , and also the human cost which cannot be calculated in monetary terms.

They have lost countless nights of sleep to aggravation and worry. I wonder why he never sued the judge to recover the cost of the legal suit.

Because of just one missing pant, if you were to meet a man like this judge, you will be bankrupt for life. This is the USA.The land of dreams but also rattlesnakes .

This case shows what happens when someone has learned too much and has a warp sense and thinks all others are stupid.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A simple compliment will go a long way .

Everyone of us loves compliments especially women . They love been complimented upon and will never get enough of it. The more the better for it reveals and reinforces the truth about her.

Some men take their wives for granted and seldom compliment them or are not generous with it. It is inexpensive and will not cost them anything and some men find it difficult to compliment them but are very liberal with their criticisms of their WAGS.

The men simply do not understand the power of compliments .Perhaps
it could be that they seldom receive any compliments and hence they do not know how to dish it out by the bucketful.

Since we know that women are different from men , they are seeking for validations of their existence and that their decisions are right. Generally , most women have low self esteem and confidence. The women are in a habit of seeking opinions from others.

If you want to make her happy and contented , you will need to praise her and give more compliments and don't criticize her.

In the Chinese culture , whenever someone gives them a compliment,they tend to downplay the compliments and it seemed O.K because we appear to be modest about it.

If you do not do that , it may appear that you are proud and a show off. This behavior can be baffling to the Westerners. They would just acknowledge it and say a simple thank you .

Anyway, the compliment is given and the giver does not take to heart what is said in returned .A compliment is given with an open heart and mind.It depends on how close you are to that person.

Compliments if given genuinely will always make the recipient happy and they will try to find something nice to say back in return.It's a two way traffic. Some of them give compliments in order to fish for some compliments in return.

Always try to give praises and compliments to your wife and kids to make them feel loved and happy.Many parents only know how to criticize their kids and seldom praise them.

Praise and compliment more and see the results.

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Do you criticize in the right way ?

It is easy to criticize others for any fools can do that . You do not need a degree to criticize others. Your criticisms may build up or tear down a person. Learning how to criticize is an art.

There are two types of criticisms, constructive and negative.Constructive criticism is offering another valid alternative way in a friendly and polite manner whereas negative criticism is more confrontational and the receiver can be put into a defensive position or a flame war could start .

Negative criticisms is pulling another person down, destroying him or belittling him.

In constructive criticisms we are not criticizing the person personally but only on his work or methods.Many women can take it personally when criticized. You have to be careful if you want to criticize your mate or the female gender.

Some people are quite sensitive to criticisms and even if you offer constructive criticisms, they will still treat you like an enemy and remember you for it.

If the criticism is given in a constructive way ,then it is easier to accept.We should strive to only offer constructive criticisms and not criticize just for the sake of criticizing.

How you word it is very important. Some people like to be blunt ,while others prefer to be more diplomatic.It depends on your level of friendship with each other.

Any fool can be a critic because many people know how to eat but not many know how to cook.It is ridiculous to criticize the work of others when he does not distinguish himself by his own performance.It is easy to criticize a person but difficult to appreciate him.

We should adopt an open attitude to criticisms.In this way ,we may achieve greater personal development and help uncover any blind spots.A second opinion is always good.

Being criticized is unavoidable.Whether you are good or bad, you will received criticisms because people have too high an expectations. You will always be judged fairly or unfairly.

Live with it,take what is good and spit out the bad.


Old friends are like fine wine

All men have their frailties and whoever looks for a friend without imperfections,will never find what he seeks.We love ourselves notwithstanding our faults and we ought to love our friends in like manner -Cyrus

No man is an island by itself.As we go through life , friends come and go.Some would come and leave their footprints in the sands .When the waves come , they will be gone without any traces.Some would leave their footprints in our hearts and cast in stones forever.They may be gone but their friendship will always be remembered.

Friends comes in many shapes and sizes.We have from the very casual friends we meet everyday to our long time very intimate and close friends ,where we share every secrets with each other.

A true friend is very hard to find.One who holds fast to u no matter what happens come summer or winter .Such friends are rare and precious.Treasure them because they are like gems.A true friend is a gift from God.

A friend is never judgmental.He will love you for what and who you are.He is always there when you need him.When you fall down , he will be there to pick you up.He will lend his shoulders for you to cry on and wipe your tears and comforts your soul.

In this era, we make many friends in the internet.Some net friends you will meet them in real life while some you will only know them through this medium.Some of them may meet and find their soul mates.

The internet friends could be close to our hearts as we talk and communicate daily and it is like we know them for a long time even if we had never set eyes on each other.

They may live in another continent or on the other side of the world.With the advent of the internet,we can have friends all over the world and we can just sit in the comfort of our homes to talk to them.The pc becomes the window to the world,keep your light of friendship burning forever

When you truly care for someone, you don't look for faults or mistakes.You know you are not perfect and you don't expect perfections from others . Instead, you accept the faults and you overlook the excuses.

Never abandon an old friend or you will never find anyone who can replace him. Friendship is like wine; it gets better as it age or grow older.


Going back to the basics.

With the world's economy in a decline and depression on the doorsteps, many of us will have to re-examine our lifestyles and choose to go back to the basics.

We may have to cut off any excess fats and stay lean to survive this difficult period. Some of us may not have a choice but I give my respects and admiration's to this man .He chose to down size his lifestyle so that he could enjoy a better life with his family.

Peter Durose was a supermarket boss who made £250,000 per month excluding bonuses for Tesco and downsized for his own corner grocery shop and a much better family life .

Going back to the basics.The very type of grocery shops that those supermarkets are squeezing them out or make them redundant.

He chose the path of having less money but a more happier and meaningful family life.He switched from the fast lane to the slow lane and enjoy his new found freedom.He was his own boss and able to control his life and where he wanted to go .

Holding such a high position in an organization and getting highly paid is not without its price.You may have to pay a very high price for the fame or the money .

You will have no time for your family or loved ones.Even though you have a lot of money and can afford a lot of things which others cannot.

But having all those money but no life is not an ideal situation. One should seek a balance in life ,for life is not all about money . It is about sharing love and togetherness.

It is about the quality and the intangibles like love , kindness ,emotions and togetherness. You cannot put a price on those intangibles.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

The demise of the traditional women and the new role of the modern women.

The traditional women is slowly going into extinction except in some pockets of this world where it is untouched by civilization.

There are some women who can alternate from the traditional woman to the modern woman whenever they want to win in any disputes with her man. She wants the best of both worlds.

I believed it is difficult to find a traditional woman in the present world anymore. One who would go through all those traditional rites of marriage and follow it's precepts.

With the increasing globalization and the opening of more opportunities for women ,the marriage concept has to be redefined as a partnership of equals as viewed through a woman's eyes. Gone are those days when marriage is about total submission to the man .

It used to be him earning and be the sole bread winner while she takes care of the family.This was the traditional concept of the gender roles in a society. But the wheels are slowly turning on man and there are now ,more women working and in some cases are earning more than the man. More than 40 % of married women in the UK are making more than their husbands.

With the added freedom of woman's rights,the women are beginning to challenge the traditional gender roles and the ideas related to marriage which were decided for them by the patriarchal society .

Men will have to get used to the idea that women are a potent force and are here to stay .They can no longer follow their parents examples who are more traditionalist. They will have to make some readjustments in their life and outlook or to go separate ways.

There should not be any unilateral actions but must involve a consensus between them for a peaceful ,good and lasting marriage.

How would they cope and what are their problems they faced?

The man do not have a choice , their wives are better and more brilliant than them . They will have to give their full support and co-operations to their partners.

As the women become more active , he would have to be passive for if both are very active in their own fields like those Hollywood film stars , there would be tremendous strains on the relationship.

Even if she makes more than him , a man still expects his wife to play the traditional role of a wife , mother and house keeper .It is her domains. This explains why most of the men would rather prefer to marry a beta female than an alpha female.

Perhaps, it is the women who have too high expectations of everything in the marriage. Women have a certain standards about everything that must be done according to their ways and many men may not meet those high standards.

It is a matter of perceptions and women are quite meticulous with small things around the house.Most women generally are not satisfied with the way men do things around them and they will do it themselves.

She becomes the wife , mother and bread winner and still have to do some of the house hold chores even when they have servants .She may have to supervise the servants and cannot depend solely on the man.

She works really hard and earn lots of money but have to be very careful about not offending the male's ego.The man’s fragile ego’s may take a bashing as in some society, it can be a loss of face .It is still a man’s world on the outside.

She cannot proudly boast about her incomes and must still submit to her husband.There will be a war of the sexes and usually whoever earns more will come out the victorious and dominant partner and the other will have to surrender under her terms.

Some men may not speak about it but deep down they are apprehensive that their wives are working in the office and are afraid of those office vultures that may prey on her.

Wives who make more money may not have the time for their man and some of the men may keep mistress or have affairs due to her neglect of him.

There are other men who do not mind their wives earning more than them . They may become househusbands or a consort to her.He will be his bodyguard, driver, secretary and her toy boy. It is his good fortune to find such a woman.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Speak woman, what is wrong with you ?

"If we (Man) ask what's wrong and you (Women) say nothing,we will act
like nothing's wrong. We know you're lying, but it's just not worth the

Simply asking what's wrong with her will not get you any replies from her. She would just shake her head and nonchalantly reply in the negative.

It can be a hassle for some but if you love your wife , you need to find out and help her with her mental problems or road blocks.

It is not easy for women to keep their feelings hidden. Their faces or their body language would show that they are affected by some problems and they are not their true self.

A man can see that a woman is unhappy and something is bugging her and he wants to help but he does not know the way to her enter her domain.

She cannot just open up to him on his first try. He needs to dig and dig till her resistance wears down and then only she will think it is worth to tell him her problems.

The man must never give up asking her and pestering her about it. She will relent when she see's his persistence and tell him finally.She wants to tell him but she is programmed only to reply after many tries.

She wants him to be really serious before she talks to him about her problems. Why did she not tell her problems when he asked initially?

It has to do with her psychology .For she thinks it may not be worth his time as it could be just a small matter.She learns to handle herself but the problem is too big for her. That is woman's way of communications.

Keep on knocking on the door and the door will open. You need to reach down into her heart and pull out the thorn or the sun will not shine in her world.


Can you understand the female mind?

In the animal kingdom , it is the male of the species which are brilliant , majestic and colourful. Whereas for the humans, it is the females who will have to beautify themselves as though their natural beauty is inadequate.

It is not easy to understand the female mind and many men have failed.They are just what they are, complex being ,very different from men and ever changing.

How can you explain their fetish for shoe's, handbags, bra's etc ? There is no rational explanation except to blame it on their hormones and this is what makes them what they are physically and emotionally.

A Man tried to find out what is it like being a girl for a week. One week may not be enough and the results could not be gauge accurately.

He is not a complete woman and for a man to pretend to be a woman for one week is only scratching the surface.

A man cannot turned into a woman over night. He can only pretend to be a woman or superficially become one . He cannot feel the inside like a woman feels because he does not have those female hormones .

He can go through those charades of being a woman.When he comes through that experiment, he would have a better understanding of woman’s behavioural patterns and be more forgiving of their shortcomings.

Being a woman is usually about decisions, decisions and decisions. She has to daily decide what to wear and what to match with which accessories. Then there is the make up routine and this can take more of her time.

A man simply puts on a shirt and a pair of trousers and does not matter if they don't match.He wears the same pair of shoe all the year round until it yawns like the crocodile mouth .

While an average woman would have 19 pairs of shoes and probably the same number of handbags and countless other accessories like belts, ear rings , watches, necklace, rings, etc.

That's why they are so fickle minded, liable to sudden unpredictable changes or erratic behaviours. They can suddenly change course 180 degrees. It is always blamed on those hormones and PMS.

Women too have hairs on their legs and armpits and some have mustaches. They have to removed them to have that smooth ,sexy and silken look. They also have to trim their eyebrows to follow the thin look or they get them tattooed.

This is the part where being a woman is a chore. Men only worry about the hair on top of their head and no where else.

Women have to watch their weights and they cannot eat any large portions or they will become fat easily.

Even some women eat very little and they can still look plum.
Being a woman is no fun. You look at all those good foods but you have to control and just eat a little.

The men can just gorge till their hearts contents and don't have to worry about their body size.

You were born and bred as a woman ,be a woman and enjoy.What you don't have , you can always find in a man.

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To sterilize or not ?

Will You Go For Sterilization?

There is a growing trend in young and unmarried women
to go for elective sterilization.They have decided indefinitely not to have children.

Whether it is wise or not is subject to different opinions.
It is usually permanent for a reversible is possible but chances of a success is slim.

Those who elect for sterilizations are usually married women who do not want to have any more babies and are above 30 years old.

Children are a blessings from God. For those religious, it is out of question.It has been observed that though they think they could not afford to raise more children , yet those children were taken care off and became adults.They maybe poorer but they live a normal life.

In the present context , it is very costly to raise a child and many modern parents bulk at the thought of having more children. Their standards of living would go down to the basement if they have one too many .

Both men and women can be sterilized if they chose not to have any children. It is more easier, less risky and the operation is cheaper for the men to go for a vasectomy than for the women to go for tubal litigation's.

In the men , part of the vasa deferentia is cut and sealed.It will not affect the production of male sex hormones (mainly testosterone) nor their secretion into the bloodstream.

Therefore sexual desire (libido) and the ability to have an erection and an orgasm with an ejaculation are not affected.
Similarly, in females, hormone production, libido, and the menstrual cycle are not affected by a tubal ligation.

Would a women go through life without experiencing childbirth or being a natural mother? Will she be fulfilled as a women?

She could be missing something in life which she was created for. There are those who are barren and craved for children while those who are perfectly normal chose not to have any children .

Everyone of us have a choice but some are very unfortunate that they don't have this luxury of a choice and the choice you make will affect your whole life.You could be right or you could be wrong and regret it later in life.

Once you have decided to have an operation, it will be forever and you need to give it a deeper thought that you are very certain you do not want any children.

It is still possible to have babies after sterilization. You can go for ‘in vitro fertilisation(IVF treatment). It will be very expensive and only work in a minority of cases.

Life is very uncertain . No one knows what will happen in the future. There are no certainties in life. Some children may not grow to the ripe old age and it is the real truth. Death and sickness are a part of our life.

The decision maybe yours to make but it will have serious repercussions to the men involved in your life.

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Plan To Live Or Live To Plan ?

Some people have plans while a majority will just exist and go where the winds blow.If you are destined to be great or rich , the roads will be paved with gold and precious stones.

If you are not meant to be rich , you cannot even collect those gold. right in front of you.You can look but cannot posses it.You may hold it temporarily but it will be taken away from you..

Do you always plan everything in your life or do you just plan to live? Or you can ask ,’ Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?’

A man without a plan is like a boat drifting aimlessly in the oceans. He will just follow the ocean currents . He flows with the currents in his life stream.Whereas a man with a plan knows where he wants to go and will usually achieved what he plans because he has an aim or target or directions.

Even if he shoots for the stars or moon and failed,he could still land somewhere in the space among the clouds ,between the Moon and the Earth.

Which group do you belong to ?Got a life plan? Get a life instead! said ANNA MOORE of the

We can make plans about our life's, careers, marriage, children and a host of other decisions but along the way , we may have to alter those plans to suit the prevailing conditions .

We need to be realistic and pragmatic that some of our plans maybe too lofty and idealistic due to our ignorance ,inexperienced and egoistical self importance. We cannot be too rigid about our plans.

If there is no fish , then prawns will do.If you plan and your plans matured and come into reality , then what ? Did you live a good life? Did you worked so hard for your plan that you do not know what is the meaning of life and life’s little pleasures.

Did you think that after you have achieved your plans , you can relaxed and enjoy life? By that time , you will be old and feeble to walk and even if you are very rich , it does not give you any meanings because life is all about the simple things you do everyday.

Rich or poor, you are given 24 hours a day and can only eat as much as you can.Will you plan for more or higher ideals and when will this end?It is like greed, the more you have , the more you want and it becomes a cycle in your life.It will only ends when you leave this world…

Learn to live and enjoy everyday and let God takes care of tomorrow…..We do not know when or how we will leave this Earth.You may plan but don't forget to live ,for life is precious and you will only live once and never twice.

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What If You Suddently become very Rich?

There are many ways to become rich. You can be rich by striking the lottery, work hard , save and invest into properties and stocks, rob a bank or inherit a very big sum from your long lost relatives .

We all want to be rich and opulent. It is everyone’s dream to be rich and live a care free life and enjoy what the world can offer us .Not many will realize their dreams, for some , it will just be a dream only.

For those who instantly become rich through striking the lottery or inheriting a sudden windfall from some deceased relatives , their life's maybe turned upside down.

There are some people who consult ‘bomohs’ (Malay medium- witchcraft)or go to the cemetery to get the lucky numbers from the dead in the middle of the night.

They will put bamboo stakes around the grave and pour chicken blood all around and the medium goes into a trance to connect with the dead to ask for numbers to buy in the lottery.

I have heard stories which can be frightening and whether it is true or not, I do not know. It was said that the spirit of the dead would give the numbers but in return they asked for a house to be built for them.

Not knowing the real meaning of the spirits request, they agreed to it. When they did strike the lucky number and became very rich , they suddenly met with an accident and passed away.

If you are a Christian , you would understand the ‘house ‘ in spirit terms is your life or body or soul and not some paper and bamboo house you buy and burn for the deceased in the Chinese custom.They sold their souls to the devil…

Being middle class or poor and suddenly catapulted to the rich is not easy to handle .The change can be too drastic and will present new problems.

The things that your like and enjoy are no more feasible for you because of your new found wealth.You will find that being rich has its own limitations .It still does not give you the right to do whatever you please.

In a certain land , the rich do enjoy certain privileges and could be above the law of the country. The rich and powerful are a law unto themselves.

Your views of others will change and your perspective of everything will not be the same again. You will be able to do things which were once out of your reach or dreams.

Money may buy many things for you but there are those intangible things which money cannot buy,love, relationships ,happiness ,joys and contentment's.

Being suddenly rich can have it’s tale of woe’s. All your old friends will be gone as the divide is too great and many of them will view you in a different light .

There will be many who will be out to con you with sad tales and your sympathy or to ask for donations for everything. You will be pestered and hounded to no ends..LOL!

You too will not have the same thoughts about them. Sadly , you may make new found friends but those friends will just be superficial ones only . The more richer you are ,the more lonely you will become as rich men are not plenty .

Read Mr.Jack Whittaker’s story, the biggest jackpot winner in the US ….US$317M His dreams turned into a nightmare…

Money easy come, will easy go.....

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Should you announce to the world that you are a gay ?

Being gay is your own personal choice. There is no need to let others know what is your own personal sexual preferences.It does not give you any advantage if you announced it to the whole world but instead you maybe ostracized or treated with disdain or contempt. The reactions may differ from place to place.You may face cultural and religious persecutions or oppositions in some places.

Nobody will know that you are gay unless those who know your personal life or you live a gay life openly.

In many societies, it is frowned upon even though the society maybe modern or liberal. You may face religious bigots and those conservatives who may judged you and condemned you .

A gay teacher in Asia declared publicly to the whole world that he is a gay in his blog! You can imagine the reactions from the parents of the school. Many parents do not subscribe to his openness about his sexual preferences and are fearful that their children may follow him .

It is sheer folly to put one's job on the line.There is never knowing the impact and the reactions from the employers or authorities.

There is no necessity to confirm about what others think of them . By his actions , the people around him would know he is a confirmed gay.Whats the point ?

It would be better and wiser to be in circumspect about one’s sexual preferences.It can be a distinct disadvantage to let known your sexual preferences.

It can affect your promotions or the tenability of your job or how others view you through their high moral standards or judgments.They may not say it out publicly due to their Asian upbringings.

A large majority of the older folks may not be able to understand or have bias and prejudices about gays.

They have a lot of misconceptions of gay people. All those negative news about gays getting aids or spreading aids , being very promiscuous and preying on small children.

Times have changed but what has been ingrained in their minds has grown roots and it is very hard for them to change their mindsets over night .

The younger generations may not be a problem as they were not exposed to the negative publicity about gays in the earlier years and treat it as part of life.

Do those young minds fully understand those gay issues ? All their knowledge about gays could be passed on from their parents or learn from the gutters .

Teaching is a very professional job and a teacher should not be involved in any contentious personal issues which can cast aspersions to his/her characters.

Teachers should be above board for they can mould and influence those young minds.Many parents may fear their sons’ would become gay and this concern is real.

Some of these parents may pulled their children of of his class or call for his dismissal .Teachers should not bring anxieties or complex issues within the school and among the parents.

What do you gain by telling the world that you are gay ? There is no gains but you only get opinionated and bigoted views.

Our society is still rigid and old fashioned and gay issues will not find much common ground here or even in some modernized Western countries.


Married but unhappy ....

Marriage is not a bed of roses and there are many thorns to prick and make you bleed. Nobody said marriage is easy. You need to have to work on your marriage.You cannot think only of yourself but to share and compromise your ideals.If you are not careful , you will tear and destroy your marriage.

No one wants an unhappy marriage if s/he can help it. When you got married , it was the most beautiful and sweetest moments in your life.

Along the way , your beautiful matrimonial dream world was just a magical illusion and when your feet touched the ground , your God whom you put on a pedestal is only human ,made of flesh and blood.

Welcome to the real world of headaches, heartaches and body aches..LOL!

Before, he was so loving and attentive to your wants and needs.
Now, he is so unreasonable and behaved like a spoilt brat.

Suddenly the angel has disappeared ,to be replaced with some devilish and horny creature. The angel you married was a devil in disguise.
Blame it on love ,for your love for him ,made you blind….

What now my love?

If you marry a dog , you will become his bitch.
If you marry an ox, you will become his cow.
If you marry a cock , you will become his hen
If you marry the devil , you will become the she-devil or devil woman….LOL!

Not all marriages are blissful and some marriages are on the rocks. It is very sad that a marriage can fail and break up.Divorce is on the rise.

Being in an unhappy marriage is bad for your body and heart.Nothing seems to work and you begin to drift further and further apart and the chasm becomes very wide .The ice wall becomes thicker and thicker .

You argue over every little thing and can never reach a consensus on anything. You may say hurt full things to each other in the moment of anger and this poison arrows are lodged inside your heart to fester and be cancerous or gangrene .

They wont heal for 20 or 30 years,if you are a woman.You become a candidate for cancer, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and may raise stress levels and increase the risk of heart disease or depression.

Your physical and mental health will be short circuited or gone haywire.There is no happiness but only strife and bickerings in your home. You become like cats and dogs and will bark and meow at each other.

If you really cannot be a good and happily married couple, there is no point in staying in that marriage. Your destiny together has ended.It is time to let each other go and seek your own happiness…

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Bad Marriage May Be Bad for Both Men and Women,2933,169634,00.html


Let your WAGS recharge their batteries.

You cannot run on and on without recharging your batteries.We all need those days when we are down and need to recharge to be in a tip top condition.

I think after marriage , the girls should have a regular all girls nights out.Give them one or two days in a week for them, to let their hairs down and bitched whatever they want to their best buds.

It is good for their mental and physical health and your marriage health in particular. A happy wife is a happy home.

Give them a break from looking after the kids and the boredom of household drudgery. They really need to talk with their best buddies to catch up with the latest gossips, woman to woman talk which they cannot do with men.

Women do talk a lot of things which men don't venture there. Topics like body image, feminism,cellulite's, food ,shopping's, cheap sales , breast feedings,babies ,clothes , cosmetics and the list is endless. They can talk for hours and still find not enough time to talk..LOL!

They will be more happy and when they are happy , you will also be happy as her happiness rubs on you .A happy person is a healthy person.You rather be served by a happy and smiling wife than a sad and scowling face woman.

Some men don't like their wives to go out with their girl buddies for fear that those other women would teach their wives all the evil things about manipulating their man.

The advantage outweighs the disadvantages.
Be a sport ,because someday you also can have an all man’s party and don't have to always take her along with you. Fair and square.

You need to let your wives have some fun. Don't choke her life or think what is best for her. Let her have her freedom and enjoyment. She will come back recharged and will make your marriage life more meaningful and satisfied.

If you are living in a crime infested place, going out at night is dangerous,especially when you are a woman. This option may not be feasible to those who live in those high crime areas.

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Things Only Woman Talk About


How to overcome those guilty feelings ?

It is easy to feel guilty if we promised much but short on delivery. We are not omnipresent or omniscient like God .

In certain moments of our life , we sometimes feel guilty or
are made to feel guilty over what we do or do not do. Instances like being late, hurting someone's feelings, job not well done ,taking the wrong foods or buying a pair of shoes or dress etc.

Women more than men have a tendency to have more guilty feelings.
Having guilty feelings is not healthy to our physical and mental well beings.

We should put them in the proper perspective. If you have already decided on doing a thing, just let it stand and move on. Think carefully and after doing it with no regrets.

Women have many roles to play .As a woman , they are at times when she becomes the mother, wife, sister , daughter, neighbour, associates and many others.

Fulfilling so many roles is not easy and sometimes she will have to say˜NO!"or when she cannot meet the expectations of others.

Having these excessive guilty feelings is unhealthy and can affect her life. She wont be able to enjoy her life or being carefree.

What she need to do is to set up her own guidelines for fulfilling the multiple roles within sensible limits.

Avoid doing more than she can handle . Be honest with oneself and with others

Refocus those energies on your priorities .

Don't feel guilty. What you had to do , you must do it,move on.All your worries and guilt feelings, give it to God. Don't carry this burden.
Be free..


Be thankfull and count your blessings

The world is moving into a depression and many people maybe fearful of being retrenched or out of job or already jobless and their houses being repossessed or they are declared a bankrupt.

Life will still go on and you will need to steel yourself and be strong to survive this difficult period.There are the good years and the bad years and the good years do not last forever.

Some of us never realize how fortunate we are in this part of the world.Many of us feel that we still lacked something and everything and envy all those rich man who flaunt his wealth around.

Today we hear some of those millionaires and billionaires simply became a pauper after their wealth was wipe up in the Wall Street scam. Even banks were victims to this hedge fund which was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Imagine them working very hard and saving all those millions and then discover that it was gone .

What is the meaning of life?

Some of them could not face the truth and committed suicide. How very sad and unfortunate that they became fools and it is all because of greed.

We want more money , bigger house or two or three big luxurious bungalows or condo's,bigger cars, more ,more of everything.We want the whole world and everything in it.This one only can dream after 12.00pm midnight .

We should be thankful for what we have , all those credit card debts ,all those car and house bought on loans and paying through your teeth. Perhaps, some do not have to pay anymore housing loans and find their burdens lighter.

We should be thankful that we are still living , being healthy and have enough to eat.We should be thankful that we can still express our thoughts fully and write whatever we wished in blogs .

If you have everything you desire, then what is there to look forward to..?You might want to try drugs or those illegal and dangerous things .Be thankful that you don't have enough or the lack of it.

If you know everything there is to know, then there is nothing to learn anymore and life would be uninteresting.Be thankful that you only know that little much.

If you have an easy life without difficulties and challenges in life , then how can you grow up and be strong?

Be thankful for those difficult and challenging times because they will help build up your strength and character.If without those difficulties and challenges, you would become a wimp..

You know you cannot do everything and have got limitations. Be thankful for those limitations for then only you can make improvements.

If you have no limitations and the sky is the can you improve when you don't know your limitations.

In life, you will make plenty of mistakes because no one is born a smart ass..everybody is dumb before they become a smart ass.

Be thankful for all those mistakes because they teach you a valuable lesson in life.

If you have a very rich life or rich fulfillment, it is easy to be thankful or you could be very ungrateful.The more you have ,the more you want.

If you have setbacks or things that don't go your way,be thankful, for God has a purpose for you which you don't see or know.

Always be thankful to the Almighty for He wills everything to happen.


In search of peace, transquility and serenity in this world.

This world is never at peace. There are wars everywhere in all parts of the world.People killing each other because of differences in ideology , race, religion or simply wanton killings without any reasons because you were in the wrong place and the wrong time.

In our own personal life, there could be personal wars or people who throw bombs and sow land mines or booby traps for us to step on.There will be others who will be jealous , envious, greed and snobbish .

There will be many things in this world which we don't understand or incapable of understanding with our small intelligence.

We cannot control what others want to say or do or how they treat us .We can only change ourselves to be better or to be worse.We should adopt what is good and positive and reject the bad and negative.

We should try to live in peace with our surroundings.It is like we are all in a small boat and if someone rocks the boat, it may sink.Peace may come with a high price.Everything is about compromise.

You need to be at peace with yourself. If you have no peace inside of you , how can you have peace with all those people who are in your world.

Your peace and serenity will radiate out from you and it will attract your friends like a light to those fire fly's.

Can you have peace without knowing God?

If you say that you can have peace when the Tsunami comes or buffeted by the strong winds of the hurricane,and you don't need a higher power like God ?

Some people may only see God when they are near the point of death or are down on their knees.When God chose you , there is no way you can run away from Him.

The harder you fight against Him , the more God will use you for his kingdom. Like Saul who persecuted all those Christians and became one of His 12 disciples.

God is my saviour and my protector and he will be my shield . Though I may die, I know that I will not die in vain..His peace is for everyone who welcomes Him.

There are many things in this world which we do not understand and we just accept things as what they are.

May you find peace,serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand.


Love is a many splendid thing.

What is this thing called love ? Why two completely different beings can fall in love with each other and bond together .

Why does a man and woman fall in love with each other? Two very incompatible human beings joined together by this flimsy thing called love , like a glue bonding each other and one complementing the other.

Love is like the elixir of life .Those who discovered it will enjoy their life and find the fulfillment .For many others, it would be an elusive dreams.

True love is hard to find except for God's love.Love is never perfect . When you really love someone , you will be blind and you would not even notice if s/he has only one eye.

You wont see the other person's faults, scars or warts and all.But human love is not permanent and not everlasting or eternal .Today love , tomorrow hate. Love is a feeling, it can grow or it can wilt and die.

There is only one true love that last.It is the love of God for us ,it will never fade nor grow cold. Love is like a plant , you need sunshine, water and fertilizer..

Without these, the plant will die.The plant cannot survive if no one waters it , or if there is no sunshine or fertilizers.The gardener must be loving, tender and knows how to take care of the plant.

The soil (Your environments and surroundings) is also important. If it is planted on rocky soil, it wont be healthy.It must be planted on those black fertile soil for the plant to bloom and flower beautifully.

Will your love be strong when the storm comes..?A sailor who has not faced a storm before can never be a good sailor.

For a man , love is just an episode , the end while woman is just the beginning of her life.

Many a man have this mistaken notion that after the chase or hunt and then the subsequent joy of marriage, they will settle down to a world of bliss where his wife would serve him .

When he wakes up from the stupor of love,he realizes that a thousand miles journey has just only begun. His nose will be strung with a rope like an ox and he has to pull the cart all alone or with his other half.

For the woman,her dreams of a golden sanctuary or Shangrilla where love makes everything beautiful with her golden idol in the centre of her life is but only a dream; when love vaporizes like the morning dews,the golden idol is just an idol with feet of clay.

When you are young, your love is very strong and hot like a young fire which is light and flickering but when you are older , your love is deep burning like hot coals and unquenchable.

Love makes the world go around.I agree, but how deep is your love and how much will you sacrifice or endure for the one you love? Is he that worthy as to die for him?

One can always think love is the answer but as you get older and more mature, you want more practical love than idealistic love.

'There is nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dreams.' - Moore


Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you drink and smoke ?

Drinking and smoking is a culture in most parts of the world.If you drink or smoke in moderation's,it is acceptable even though it is an unhealthy fad.They would be exhaling and inhaling other second hand smokes in those enclosed pubs and joints.

Both are bad for your health but it is a compulsive and obsessive habit for some even when there are incriminating evidence against drinking and smoking.

Drinkers and smokers would continue to drink and smoke without much concern about their health till they are diagnosed with related smoking and drinking diseases.

A little bit of drinking is good for your heart.If you take THREE or more drinks a day, whether beer, wine or spirits,it will boost a woman’s risk of breast cancer as much as smoking a pack of cigarettes, research has found.

If you smoke a pack and drink three glasses a day , it is equal to smoking two packs a day. Some people drink beers like we drink water.Drinking too much beer can make you more feminine…

Breast cancer is the second most common killer after lung cancer for women.

When you are drinking you have an urge to smoke.It is like a drug habit.If you are drinking and smoking in an air con room , you will also be inhaling lots of second hand smokes.

Drinking and smoking is a deadly mix according to another research.A report prepared for the Australian Council of Smoking and Health shows that people who drink and smoke are up to five times more likely to develop head and neck cancers than those who only drink or only smoke.

Many are living a cancer lifestyle, a path to self destruction.Drink less, stop smoking and exercise more for a healthy lifestyle. Life is short , you only pass through once.

Smokers and drinkers have their own philosophies. Whether you smoke or drink or do not , you will all eventually die when the time comes. Smokers and drinkers enjoy their lifestyle and nothing will stop them . There are those who don't smoke or drink but still get cancer.There are those who smoke and drink and they live up to a ripe old age.

Life is like a big roulette wheel and your life depends on where the ball falls on which side.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you have small penis syndrome ?

Why do the men worry about the size so much?Is bigger the better? Some are bigger and some are longer but many men have an average size.

An average man will be able to perform adequately and the man should not worry too much about the size.Otherwise they will not perform satisfactory or may suffer ED or PE.

Generally ,many men do not have an idea about what brings on an orgasm in a woman.To them , sex is only about their own enjoyments and that women are there to serve them.

If she enjoys it, it is a bonus to him and it showed his prowess.Otherwise, he could not be bothered with her response. His sexual knowledge acquired from watching those pornographic DVD's .

Many a woman is even lacking in the sexual knowledge and have the attitude of serving or rewarding him or being there just for his pleasures or they consider it their duties or chores.

It is not about the size of his penis but the size of his brain that counts. Sex is not just the physical intimacies but also the mental and emotional stimulation's.

Some men have SPS or ‘Small Penis Syndrome.’They worry about the size of their penis, whether they will be able to give a good performance to their partners.

Some men believed that a bigger and longer penis will give more satisfactions or enhanced their performance. Some of them want to have longer erections to last the distance.

Some of these men seek modern medicine for their needs while others seek the traditional massage practitioners.

Indian Sadhus men, for example, use weights to increase their penis length, while the Topamina of Brazil encourage poisonous snakes to bite their penises to get a size boost that lasts six months.

Most of us have received a lot of spam mails in our mail servers on penile enlargement drugs or gadgets.A recent studies found that penis-enlarging vacuum devices, penis extenders and traction devices rarely live up to their promises.It is just a waste of money and may instead cause them more problems.

The traditional way of massaging and using herbs or medicated oils carried out directly on the penis and testicles may damage blood vessels, the nerve system and even the skin.

Whatever is advertised is without any scientific basis and you believed at your own perils.

The modern scientific way is through Viagra or other similar drugs , surgery and vacuum pumps to treat ED or erectile dysfunctions.

Those men should see from the woman’s perspective and not from his own. He should know what pleases a woman and what a woman wants in bed.

Most men want to go in fast without any romantic fore plays , caresses and sweet nothings and immediately after he has finished, he will quickly fall asleep, no after cuddlings or any emotional expressions.

When it comes to penis length , it doesn't matter much to women ,as long as he knows the technics of making her enjoy the love making. The extra length is a surplus because the woman cannot take in all and furthermore all her nerves and sensory organs are at the outside and not deep inside of her.

The girth of the penis is more relevant than the length because it can give her more sensations. If you don't have the girth , you can use an extra pillow to support her buttocks.

Women are complex beings and your penis length is not important as long as your personality and the way you make them feel loved……She can easily forgive you because she herself feels that she is not perfect and have many defects.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beauty Tips From Your Kitchen.

You do not have to fork out a lot of your hard earned money to buy those branded cosmetics. Some of them may not work as advertised and more over , you do not know what kinds of harmful chemicals you are applying on your face and body.In the long run , it may affect your health and your well being.

In hard times , it is even more prudent to look for those natural products and those natural beauty aids found in your own kitchen.

If you don't have a scrub, no problem . You can add some sugar to your cleansing cream and it becomes an effective scrub.

Some people use salt but Sugar has an advantage because salt can sting and dehydrate with sensitive skins.

You need to scrub a few times a week to get rid of those dead cells and keep the skin polished and glowing.

Many new scrubs now have added sugar in it..

To have smoother skin on face ,arms and legs , use 1 cup sugar ,add to 1/2 cup of olive oil and used it as a scrub according to Glady’s Banta.

Just be careful about using sugar in foot scrubs as it feeds fungus, yeast and molds. Thoroughly cleaned your feet after using the sugar scrub.

Some people use honey directly on the face as a scrub or cleanser.

Some used dried milk mixed with some warm water and it is gentler on the skins.

For oily skins, they can use the white’s of an egg or they can use the whites, apply the first layer on your clean face , wait for it to dry, rinse it , then apply the egg yellow and wait to dry and then rinse.

Turmeric paste is used by some Indian women to keep them free of superfluous hair. Turmeric paste is applied to bride and groom before marriage in some places of India and Pakistan, where it is believed turmeric gives glow to skin and keeps some harmful bacteria away from the body (From wikipedia)
Turmeric is also knows as safron .

These are some of the beauty remedies from our old wives tale. They may work or may not work on your face because not all the skins are the same.

Do you know of other home remedies and would like to share here?

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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dangers Of A Clean Home Or Environments.

E - Coli
pix;courtesy- United States Department of Health and Human Services


 In some Western countries , some households have very clean homes and they go to great length to maintain their homes in tip top conditions.

It may look good but too clean an environment may not be good for your health as it can cause your body's immune system to be weak.

When you grow up in that kind of environment , your immune systems are not strong or developed and if you come into contact with any bacteria's or germs , you will fall sick easily.

We dont live alone in this world.There are alot of microorganisms which inhabit every environment and inside our bodies,unseen by the naked eye.

They are the microbes , bacteria's and viruses.
There are more bacteria's than humans on this Earth and not all the bacteria's are bad.

There are good bacteria's too .The bad bacteria's make us sick ,spoils the food ,body odour and tooth decay while the good bacteria's help us to digest food, produce vitamins and fight against those bad bacteria's

There are some people who bathe and don't use any kind of soap because they believed they will washed away those good as well as bad bacteria's on their skins and they will easily fall sick. Without using any soap , they are still healthy and strong. Though off course not everyone will share that idea.

Most bacteria's are harmless to humans , only those pathogenic bacteria's or disease causing bacteria's like Salmonella and E-Coli which can cause food poisoning or sickness.Food that has been improperly handled and contaminated by those pathogens.

That is why we need to wash our hands often before we eat as we may come into contact with those bacteria's without our knowledge.

With every breathe we take and every mouthful of food we eat or drink, we are allowing those bacteria's to enter our bodies but we are seemingly unaffected by them. Our bodies are immune to them.We house millions of bacteria's on our skin and in our nose, mouth, and gut:

If you have a very clean home or environment, your kids immuned system will not be that good as it will be unused and untested. They can get sick easily when the bad bateria's attacked them.

In the Asian soceity , many food sold by the roadsides are uncovered and unhygenic by the Western standards . The food is left open by the roadside and dust, flies , cockroaches , ants and extra ingredients are added on the food.Yet the people dont seem to have any problems with food poisoning . This is because their immune system is strong and able to kill off those bad bacteria's.

The modern day generation of children seldom play outside or get dirt on their bodies.This means that they are seldom exposed to the many bacteria's and their immune system is weak.

Recently , there has been an outbreak of MRSA ,a form of superbug, which originated from the hospitals and are now found in some homes.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an isolate of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus characterized by antibiotic resistance to all penicillins, including methicillin and other narrow-spectrum β-lactamase-resistant penicillin antibiotics.[1]

MRSA was discovered for the first time in 1961 in the UK, but it is now widespread in the hospital setting.

credit and thanks to

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The religious freaks and fanatics

Matthew 7:16

You will know them by their fruit. Grapes aren't gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles, are they? (International Standard Version (©2008))

This is a plain and simple rule to test if one is a true or false prophet. A good tree will produce good fruits and surely you cannot expect those thistles and thorns to produce grapes or figs.

Religion is a very controversial and contentious topic.In every religion , there will be different versions or sects.Even among those theologians who are scholars of the religion , they can have different interpretations.

In Christianity, there are many denominations and there are two major sects, the Catholics and the later day Protestants.

Among the Protestants , there are again many divisions or denominations, each following their own way of serving God.

All roads lead to Rome, just as whatever church you belong to , it will lead to God.

Those who judge others have committed a sin ,they do not understand the workings of God. God works in mysterious ways. Can a mortal mind understand the mind of God? Is his knowledge far superior than God?

There are bigots and holier than thou followers in every religion. They will quote Bible verses to back their actions but these people do not have love for their fellow mankind. They are only preachers without faith.They can be very extreme or fanatical about their belief.

If you have no love for others, you are like an empty gong.What use is your Bible knowledge if you only use it to control or show off or ram your superiority down people' throat .

Why do people judge others? There is only one judge and we all stand before Him when the time comes. We are all children and servants of God and we all stand before Him.

Those who judge others , think they are more holier than you ,they feel more self righteous,and like those Pharisees of Jesus era, they think they know the law or God's word.

They interpret God's word and say it is God speaking. Their interpretation is just their interpretations only and not God's word. God's word is what is written every word for word in the Bible.Their interpretations can be taken out of context or due to their poor command of English or their level of spirituality and understanding of God.

There are pastors who would tell you not to eat chicken or meat , girls should not cut their hair , men should not shave, women cannot wear pants ,cannot watch T.V, movies, VCDs or DVDS or curtail your personal freedoms .

Some pastors or the elders of the church rule their church like their own fiefdom and not God's house.Some religions are not religions but cults when they worship the leader instead of God.

The Bible was written 2000 years ago and there are many grey areas. But these pastors made their own rules and all those sheep's just follow blindly,like the blind leading the blind.

There are those churchgoers who just follow their pastors as though he is God in person ,not realizing that he is made of flesh and blood and bound to make mistakes .

They attend the Sunday services without fail and then it is back to their own sinful world. If one were to question those pastors or do not agree with the church policies, they would be made to feel unwelcome .

You hop from one church to another looking for the perfect church but there is no perfect church in this world.


If only I could clone myself

It would be wonderful if you can have a clone of yourself, a fembot and make her the other woman of the house while you work your butt out earning your keep.She would be under your control .This is off course just a dream or fantasy, but some day it could be a reality.

Many women are now in the work force and they find that men have it and they don't .. ‘a wife.’ Someone who would take care of their home’s and their kid’s for them.Some one would term this ‘wife’ as a ‘house husband’ in the reversal of a man’s role as a housewife.

Women have to work all day and then have to go home and cook dinner and do all those household chores.Sometimes the understanding mate will help out but still she has to do most of the burdens around the house.

When a woman works , she has no spousal support like the man’s enjoy. Whether their wife works or not, the men will still have the support of their wives. When the working mothers compete with the men in their careers, they face more impediments.

When a company expects you to perform, a man can concentrate fully on his job and leave the home and family to his wife. This is not true for a woman. She has to worry and think of those kids and all those jobs around the house.Working mothers are at a disadvantage when it comes to their careers.

Many women have such dreams but reality is, they cannot materialize. A woman wanting a ‘wife’ or her double.In some societies, the man may marry a second wife who will look after the home and family while the first wife goes out to work. A threesome ,but in some countries ,bigamy is illegal except if you are a Muslim . You can marry a second but without registering that marriage or make it legal. That way , a man can have three or as many unofficial wives as he can.

Even if she could afford the domestic help, she would still need to oversee the management and performance of the helper.The demands of a family life can take a heavy toll on those working mothers.


How not to create stress.

Don't seek troubles or troubles will seek you.Enjoy a stress free life and be at peace with your surroundings. How others think or do is not your prerogatives, leave them alone and let them do whatever they wish.

You should have an open mind and be able to accept other's perspective.Right or wrong is not for us to judge. It should not affect us but only them who thinks they are right and who thinks they know all the answers.

Every individual is different and may not think alike.We cannot force others to accept our way of thoughts.Everyone has their own power of reasoning and different levels of education and experiences.

Sometimes ,there are some friends who don't agree with your views and like to say you are wrong.It would be much better if they say,' I don't agree with you or maybe that is another perspective.'

What makes them think that they are right? There is no point in continuing that conversation when someone thinks like that. Period.

If we want to reduce stress in our life, we need to change our minds or our outlooks in how we relate to others and the situation.

If we think in the positive and constructive way , we will look at the situation in a calm and unruffled manner.Then we will have peace within our self.But if you think in the negative and destructive or hostile way , then you will get lots of stress.A small matter maybe blown out of proportions.

The power to minimize stress is within us.Whether you want that thing to affect our sanity and peace or to just treat it as a small matter and let it go.Words like, never mind, small matter only, will help us to reduce the stress.Don't let our ego's or emotions rule.

Stop worrying about everything. If anything would happen,it would happen and you cannot do anything about it.Quit worrying and let your mind be free. Give your worries to God.

When there are conflicts, try to solve the conflicts in a rational and unemotional way. It is not a win or lose situation. Who is right or wrong doesn't matter. Move on..

We should try to live a simple life and not complicate our daily thoughts with worthless and unnecessary worries about how others think of us or what to eat or wear.

Just go out there , be happy and enjoy the things you like to do.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The road to matrimony and the potholes to avoid.

All roads lead to Rome but the wise will travel by the straight road or super highway as the bird flies rather than chose the long and winding road that leads to nowhere.

I don't think any girl would want to end up single if they can find the man of their dreams. Only those who cannot find their dream man would boast that single life is much better than being married.

Either way, right or wrong ,the women always win in the end .Which ever side she stands on , she will will say the right things to placate and soothe her soul.Women are their worst enemies.

Are you pushing 30's or 40's and still single?

Is time running out on your biological clock? You cannot for the life of you understands why you are still single , even though you have all the attributes of a beautiful and financially independent woman. All those qualities you think is desirable to attract men.

Read the tips given by this 40's women ,Shane Watson who gives a few good tips to race across the finish line in time.

You don't have to be a perfect '10' before you start to attract men.Don't be obsessed with your beauty so much that you become very vain and feel that some men may not matched your style or expectations.

You need to be yourself. When you feel yourself as being very beautiful , you tend to sell yourself to the highest bidder .When a women is young , she has a lot of capital and can afford to wait for the best man .She will wait and wait till she finds that all the best man has slipped through her and then she will lower her expectations as her age rises..

The one thing women can turn off men is their loose talk about what they are looking for in a man. Every single women has a shopping list for a man . You would let the man know what you like and dislike about the qualities you find in a man.

When a man who could be interested in you learns of your don't like list, it immediately puts them off chasing after you. It is like pouring cold water over them.

The thought of wanting to chase you becomes still born..Sometimes girls don't realize that. The girls are only joking but the man do take it seriously.

Imagine a scene where this man is secretly interested in a woman friend and then this woman blurted out in jest that she is looking for a very rich man as a husband .

WHAM! This man quickly retreats and forgets her. There goes her potential husband. This can backfire on her when he goes around to inform his friends about you as a gold digger.

You don't really meant what you said but the harm has been done and you are not even aware of the results of that joke. When it come to marriage and men , it is best not to disclose your list to any man friends. Just keep to yourself. Anyway, those in the list can change if you find the other good points about him.

Are you perfect?

No one is perfect and you are expecting to find a perfect husband. It is like groping for a needle in a haystack . If there is a near perfect man, you would not stand a chance as there will be other more beautiful and sexier woman available competing for him.

Do something differently for a change. Get a new make over and people will get to notice you .

If you are the 1990's model, then don't expect many to be interested. Try new things or go to different places for a change and not keep to the same routine every day and night for umpteen years. If you always swim in the same pond, then you only attract those same old boring fishes.

You may have to make new friends as your old friends who knows everything about you can be a dampener or can cramped your new style. What you do would be a secret as your friends wont know. You become free of their clutches.

You don't have to behave well in front of your friends for you can flirt outrageously with men. Flirting is a game. It can titillate your senses and it is much fun.

Pick one with the potential and then package them they way you want and DON’T expect them to arrive on your door steps in a perfect little package with a red ribbon.'

All men are like rough diamonds when you meet them . It is only when you get married to them that they become polished and shining like a real diamond. You have to polished them till they shine for you. That is why experienced men or married man have certain appeals.

Happy husband hunting !

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Women rules and shoulder more burdens than men.

Modern women have come a long way and they enjoy many equal rights as the men in the modern and Western liberated society. Many women now wear the pants in the family as they are now taking home a bigger pay cheque than him.Some of them have eclipsed their men and there is a reversal of roles.

The rise of the modern women in the man's world have created upheavals in the society.They are now competing on the same levels with the men in the work force and in many cases are raising faster than the men in the higher hierarchy of the economy.

In many third world countries , the women are pushed to the fore unwittingly and sometimes with bitterness as the men pulled back from being the responsible sole breadwinner.Circumstances favours the women in this new era as the men find less opportunities for employment

The women in these countries take on the mantle of the men and rule the family as the men abdicates their financial responsibilities.Most men would just abdicate and let the women rule in the family

The women are complaining and bitter about the men who are not pulling their weights in the family. His salary could be used for his parents or sibilins who need his financial help. This can be a very sore point between them as money is never enough.

Some of the men could be loafing around or doing nothing productive to help her burdens.He may even spend her hard earned income on his vices.

Some men live on their wive’s income and become househusbands.He does the role of the caregiver and housekeeper.

When their men are retrenched or unable to provide for more as the family grows, the women has to shoulder more and more of the household expenses.

One day in the distant future, the females may rule the world and men will be subjected under their controls.The most powerful nation in the world may soon have a woman president in the next round.

The hard working men who are sole breadwinners who provide for their families are slowly fading with the older generations.

This is a sad fact, as the women enter the work force, the men are made redundant and it affects the family structures and overturned the societies traditional concepts , norms and practices..


Online dating

Would you go online to look for your future mate ?

There are others who have gone down this road and have found their true mate . It is another avenue where you can meet many types of people from different places in the world. The chances of meeting your Mr. Right maybe brighter as you cannot find him in your real world.

There are many online dating sites and some are free while others will have to pay a fee to join.You could also join those chats and forums and meet someone who might be interested in you

You will meet many men and women online and whether you are interested in him /her will depends on both your chemistry or needs.

Are you looking for your Mr.Right or M/S Right in view of friendship leading to marriage?

The virtual world is just like the real world. You will need to exercise caution before you give your trust to others.

There are stories of people finding their life partners from the internet and also horror stories of people who got cheated or conned by fraudsters or sleazy people from the net.

There are all kinds of good, bad and ugly people and you need to be careful and play safe. If anything is too good to believe, then you need to be extra careful. There have been cases where those conman or tricksters met their victims and robbed them or raped them.

After meeting and knowing your virtual friend for sometime , there maybe a possibility that you may meet them in the real . It can be exciting and interesting to see the person in the flesh.

You may think you know that person after chatting with for sometime in the net but in reality, it takes a longer time to really know somebody.

Many women made the mistake of getting emotionally involved with another person in the net whom they have not met in real life .

This person may not be what he portrays in real life. In the virtual world , he could be acting like anybody since he is anonymous. In real life , he maybe a shadow of what he is in the internet or completely opposite of his personality and character.

It is not to say everyone is like that. There is a probability that such things can happen to your friend.

You may discover that he looks so much different when he is online as he could be using someone else photo. If you spend more time together, you would find that he is another person.

In real life , a shy person could be acting very brave in the net.. An introvert can be an extrovert in the virtual world.

After the vetting process and you find that he is eligible and you want to show interest in him/her, you need to walk a fine line of not showing too much or playing hard to get.

Normally , I think , if they liked each other, it becomes a natural thing for them to go to the next stage,dating or exchanging love letters or love notes to each other and being more intimate with each other. And finally to tie the knot.

Goodluck in your quest.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Should you tell your partner all your problems ?

A woman give her all in a relationship and she expects the same back from the man.Unfortunately a man cannot give his all to her as he has to think of his career and has to balance her and career in his life.Generally, most women make this wrong assumption about men until they learn the truth .

There are pro's and con's for sharing all your problems with her. It will depend on the seriousness and gravity of the issues. If it is a major thing , then the man should tell her, otherwise he should just keep it to himself and not to burden her.

Men and women are different not only physically , but emotionally and psychologically. Many may not be aware of the differences and they think their partner should think like them.

If you are still not aware of this fact , then you should better sit up straight and take real notice and all ears when your wife is speaking.

Are you really listening ? Maybe she nags too much and your inner ears are closed without your realizing it .

When you were wooing her, you were all attentive and on all fours ready to do her bidding's upon her command.But strangely, after she got hitched to you, your mind seems not to functioned like before.

You have developed an auto immune mechanism that simply shuts down the system from reaching your brain ,when they detect nagging's.(What's that you are mumbling about dear? yak! yak!yak!)

Your external ears may be opened but your mind and heart are not in tuned with what she is saying or you are not receiving the message from her loud and clear. Got those little nasty rascal Gremlins in your system.

Women worries a lot and too much.If you tell them your daily problems, soon it will not have enough hard disk to store them .

Your problems are like viruses which duplicate and crowd out all the free spaces in her hard disk and she will have those problems etched on her face whenever you meet.
So sad, so sad!! You will make her aged faster and saddled her with your burdens.

Even small problems , can look like mountains to her.
While you just tell her and then forget about it and enjoy your daily chores as if nothing has happened.

She will be worrying every now and then and it will affect her moods for the whole day or even weeks .She may not eat or sleep well after you have made known your problems to her because of her worries.

Still think it is a good idea to unload all your rubbish into her bedroom?

Maybe, very big problem where you need her strength or support.Otherwise, better to go drown yourself with your buddies and keep your stress and problems away from the home sweet home,where your homely and beautiful wife is waiting for you.


The hypocrisy of the tongue.

It is easy to develop a critical tongue and speak profanity. On one hand we use our tongue to praise and gives blessing to God, then turn around to use our tongue to speak evil of one another.

It is no wonder that non Christians view some Christians as hypocrites.
They may say one thing and do another , preach to you about God but they do not do what they preached.

James 3:1
Dear brothers,don't be too eager to tell others their faults,
for we all make many mistakes .

The tongue is only a small part of the body, but it can wreck havoc or build somebody up.
The tongue is like a small bit in a large horse where you can control the horse where you want to go .Or it is like a small rudder in a big ship where even the winds cannot prevail ..

A great forest can be set on fire by a tiny spark. The tongue is like the flame of fire. The tongue can praise and bless or spill out curses at the same time.

How can the mouth which is like a fountain be pouring out blessed living water and at the same time pouring our bitter and putrid water.. Is there such a fountain ?You need to watch your tongue and control what you want to say to others.

What you say and what you don't say are also important. When you should say , then you must say it out aloud.. When you should not say , then you must kill it before it comes out of your mouth.

A good , correct and proper speech is saying the right things at the right time and to the right person anywhere . You should not gossip, belittling others, bragging,,manipulating,exaggerating , complaining and lying.

Before your want to say something , asked this,'Is it true, is it necessary and is it kind?' If the answer is affirmative or positive , then you can say it out.

Some people especially men ,they don't think more deeply or and got no filters in their systems of thoughts. It is like they don't have a stop valve. What they think , they will just shoot it out from their minds and then they suffer for the consequences.

It just take only a few moment to meditate on those thoughts. It is abit hard for them and they need some mind training exercise.

A few words spoken in anger can destroy a relationship that took years to build. Before you speak remember words are like flame of fire once spoken out, you can never reverse the damage they have done.

A loving words here and there can uplift another person and make the world a better and more enjoyable place to work and live.

Control your tongue to only speak forth positive thoughts , for out of the abundance from your belly will flow rivers of living water.

“If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless” (James 1:26).

Reference :-

Life Application Bible


Should parents be liable for their children’s crimes ?

It is easy to blame it on the parents for the faults of their children.After all it is their failure to teach them how to behave and not break the laws of the civilized society.

Most of the critics are probably unmarried and does not understand about raising children and lives in their own idealistic world. They could be parents with good genes and their kids are well behaved .

Crime is on the rise in many places and most of these crimes are committed by youngsters. Many authorities are debating whether parents should be held responsible for their children’s crimes to curb the rising juvenile crimes.They are proposing to make it into a law.

Do you think this is fair to the parents ?

Logically speaking, the parents are responsible for their children's actions.It is a rule of natural justice for the parents to compensate to the injured party for things that are broken or destroyed by his children.

In small matters, this may not be a problem . The problem manifest when a life is lose or when it becomes a major crime.

Will the court send the parents to jail or made him a bankrupt to pay for his children's crimes?

Being a parent is not easy if your children becomes rebellious and a delinquent or out of control.

They have a mind of their own . If the state imposes such a law, the parents may have no choice but to treat the children harshly and may made them run away from home.

The parents could be charged for abusing their children. The parents hands are tied. If they cannot handle their wayward children, whats the point of asking them to pay for their crimes?

It is like rubbing salt into their wounds. The parents need help to control their child. The institutions should come in and help but instead is laying the blame and responsibility on the parents who are at wits end.

Out of desperation , the parents may throw the children out and disowned them or in the extreme of cases to lock and chain them in a dungeon or cellar and never to let out again?

Parents cannot do that. They cannot lock their children up or beat their children .That would be child abuse. How do you expect the parents to teach their wayward children?

As parents , you may order your children not to do this or that but can the parents be there always to enforce their wills?

It should be the children who should bear the consequences of their actions and the judge to decide in a case by case basis as to the level of compensations .

The rich parents may not have problems but the poor parents would be devastated.It will destroy their life. Is this fair?

Simply saying that parents are responsible is just placing unnecessary burdens on those parents.

It is easy to put the blame on the parents .No parents want their children to commit crimes.Parents cannot monitor their children for 24/7.

Being young, those kids may not know or realize the extend of their foolishness.Kids will be kids.

The law making parents responsible for their kids or the negligence is a failure of the state to address such an issue.It will not curb the vandalism, armed robbery , muggings , snatch thieves and rapes.

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A woman's right to choose

A pix of an unborn 23 weeks old foetus

Why shouldn't a woman has the right to choose an abortion if she wants it ?

Generally, most women think that it is their sole right to abort or not to abort the foetus. No one should tell her what to do or cannot do. This may sound like her fundamental right but there are other mitigating factors to consider.

The baby is in her body and depends on her for it's existence and no one else but what about the father and the unborn child? Do they have no right at all?

Is the child not another human being with a life ?Does the unborn child has no right to live ? Medical science have proven beyond doubt that the human embryo or foetus is biologically separate from its mother.It only depends on the mother for the food and warmth.Just like those children which depends on her for their food and shelter.

The law recognized that if a woman convict is pregnant she cannot be sentenced to death until the baby is born. The baby is innocent.

Why then do society allow a woman to have an abortion if they wanted it?Do they condone the killing of an innocent and young life ? Was it because they fear that the mothers would go to some back lane unqualified doctors which may harmed their health ?

In the UK , the Abortion act allows women to have a legal terminations at 24 weeks. At the moment , there is a majority of people in Britain who felt that abortion should not be made easier but more difficult to obtain. They felt that the limit should be brought down to 13 weeks.

Should the law be amended to this new limit?

At 23 weeks ,the baby can be born prematurely and can survived outside the womb, thanks to new and improved medical science.

We know that as early as 13 weeks, a foetus appears to yawn and rub their eyes; that at 15 weeks, they gain a sense of taste; that at 18 weeks they begin to hear (from Amanda Platell of the

Getting an unwanted pregnancy is a woman’s worst fear.Even though you had taken precautions , it does happen sometimes because nothing is 100% guaranteed. If you are confirmed pregnant , your nightmares begins…

In the UK , you could go for an abortion even if it is 24 weeks old. In Malaysia, legalised abortion is only on certain conditions, results of rape or confirmed deformity of foetus by a doctor.

If you need an abortion , you will have to seek a doctor in the private practice and not the govt. hospitals.It is against the law and those caught will have their license suspended.

Some will visit those back lane and dubious qualified doctors to performed the abortions which can be dangerous to the mother’s life.

I think abortions should only be done when the mother is totally incapable of taking care of herself or her baby or the state does not have the facilities to provide and take care of them until the babies are born.

By providing an easy access to abortion as in the UK, many mothers will choose the easy way out of her predicaments and later regret for her decisions.Some used the abortions as a contraceptive method and have no regards whatsoever about the foetus.It is just unfortunate that they do not respect the sanctity of life

If it is more difficult for them to have abortions ,they may give birth and find that having a baby can be a joy .If they are unable to take care of them , they could put it up for adoptions. There are many childless couples who would gladly adopt them.

Before the baby is born , they may have a lot of fears but when the baby is born , they will find love and attachments to the little bundle of joy. God’s creations is majestic….

What’s life if you do not want your very own flesh ,blood and bones ?
How sad when you placed other things more important than your very own flesh and blood!

Some parents allow their young child to decide and many may not know the consequences of it or the lack of information's to help them to decide.They cannot make well informed decisions and will follow the general trend prevailing at that moment.

Society does not value parent hood but about financial success,exclusive lifestyles and good education.It is about getting a university degree and getting a high paying job and the baby will have to be sacrifice .

Yes ! You have the right to choose to abort but you will have to live with the guilt and the sentence all through out your life on Earth.

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What happens during an abortion.



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