Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful women are more likely to be unfaithful...

There is an old wise saying," Never marry a very rich man or a very beautiful woman, for they will be unfaithful." If you do not listen to those wise words, you will one day regret it.

Generally , that is true and I believed in that saying. Rich men and beautiful women are more tempted to stray because of those attributes.

Beautiful women cheat because they have the cheating hormones,oestradiol, a form of oestrogen.. LOL! These hormones would make her drop dead gorgeous !She would be the envy of many women and the object of admirations of many men.

There is another wise sayings, "The most beautiful woman is also the most toxic!"
They will not be satisfied with the current partner and will always be on the look out for a better partner. They think they are so desirable and will want to snare the best mate .

Beautiful women have very high standards and great expectations and they are not easily pleased or satisfied.Men should not look out for very beautiful women unless they are very rich and can afford their high maintenance.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Mouthwash linked to cancer ???

Mouthwash which contains alcohol can cause oral cancer !!!!! That is the shocking news from down under.
Many people use mouthwash regularly and it is time to take note that they run a higher risk of getting oral cancer from using it.

Whether you believed it or not is your choice. The alcohol in the mouthwash is turned into acetaldehyde.It is a toxic by product of alcohol and is believed to be carcinogenic.

You can get oral cancer from oral sex too but it will not stop people from having oral sex nor from smoking or drinking.

As technology improves, we will find many substances that we are using or consuming containing toxic substances . We should go back to nature and only use those natural home remedies .

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Smoking can gives your pets cancer.

If smoking can gives your pets cancer , what then about your smoking in front of your children and wife ? If you value your pets , then you should value your children and wife more. Don't give your kids and wife cancer!

Smoking is not only bad for your health but also to those people and pets around you. Passive smokes or second hand smokes are more deadly than what you inhaled from a cigarette.

If you want to smoke , you should smoke outside the house and not inside the house because your smoke may make your family or your pets having a higher risk of getting cancer.

It is better to give up smoking and live a more healthy life. Don't smoke till you find a black lump in your lungs and that would be too late to give up smoking.

Smokers will always be smokers and no matter who and what is said.They will keep puffing away even when they know it is bad for their health.

These days a lot of women smoke and it looks cool .The cigarette companies are targeting the women smokers with cool adverts. You may look cool but when you get cancer, you wont be looking cool anymore.

Why do people smoke?

I have tried smoking before but I don't get any 'kick' about smoking. I am not addicted to smoking . In my life I have tried a few times but gave up.

After each meal, you take a Hacks sweet or Polar mint sweet and then smoke a cigarette .This give you a fresh breathe , you can feel the invigorating inside your lungs.

There are many reasons why people smoke.
Some people smoke because they can get a calming effects on them.When I smoke, I don't feel anything.That's why I gave up.

Another reason is they think it is more matured and manly holding a cigarette and the action of smoking makes them feel that they have reached the stage of adulthood. They are there ….

The Marlborough cigarette advertisement during the 70’s was a cool feature and many liked the message, to smoke is being like a real ‘He- man .’ Unfortunately , that cowboy in that advert has died from cancer…..

They get to see all those movies with their heroes smoking and a cigarette on their lips. They feel more important or looked more important.They think people will notice them when they smoke.

The third reason is they want to be the 'in thing'. Not to smoke looks like out of place and not in the same gang or group.

The fourth reason is because they are frustrated in life due to some problems which they cannot overcome and hence smoke to get that glassy looks in their eyes and don't care attitude.It is like they are taking out their problems in the smoking .

Many woman are now smoking and they think smoking or holding a pack of cigarette in their hands looks cool.

The tobacco companies are targeting women smokers as this group is large and a lot of money is spent on advertisements to appeal to those women.

Smoking is bad for your health and second hand smoke is even worse.U should not smoke at home or when your wife or kids or pets are around.

Some can kick the habit early while others are addicted and never give up till they find a black spot in their lungs and it's too late ..

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Effects of smoking on women .
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Reducing Secondhand Smoke Would Slash Heart Disease Rates, Study Says,2933,194876,00.html?

Female smokers ‘risk spotty face’

Why smokers’ skin ‘ages’ faster


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Will you marry a househusband ?

It can be repugnant to some but others may not have the luxury to choose. It is either that or remain single for all their life.

Women have been conditioned in their upbringings to look for a stronger all round partner . Either the men were higher than them or equal on the same footings.Anything less would be unsatisfactory.

When you mentioned a househusband , you would imagine a man donning an apron and doing the housework or taking up a woman's role in the house.A role reversal scenario.

Now that women are fully in the work force and some women maybe earning more than the men,the question begets most minds is whether a man can be adept at house chores and baby care givings as well as a woman.

This preposition was unthinkable several years ago.Women have made much stride into the man’s world and the man’s world are reeling under the onslaught of this female power.

There may come a day in the not too distant future that women would hold all the executive and top post and men would just be delegated to the heavy menial tasked or made redundant or irrelevant.I shudder ,for such reality is not impossible.

Would you marry a woman who would one day after you have kids ,asked you to quit your lower paying job immediately and she would take care and provide everything for you .Would you as a man agree to this preposition?

I think no sane thinking man would want to quit his job and depend fully on the woman for every of his needs .There could be exceptions, maybe they are disabled or mentally handicapped.

In the older generations , it was a shame to be a ˜consort' to the woman.The man will have no face or honour.In the present era, it is no more a shame but such marriages can faced tremendous pressures both inside and outside.It challenges the norms and concepts of a family hierarchy in today’s world.

There comes a time when the marriage comes to a watershed, when they have babies and when one has to quit their job to looked after the baby and home.Who will have to quit?

Usually it is the woman who has a lower paying job than the man. She is the natural choice. However, the tables have changed and it is the men who may have to quit to maintain their same standards of living.

There are situations when the woman earns more than him and he may have to be sacrificed.This will also depends if the man have the aptitude or whether he can do a woman's job. If he cannot , then he will make a mess out of it .Not all man are equal to the job.Some are just not fit for the job.

Some women are dominant partners and want a man but they want their men to be under their controls.These men are passive and goes along with their wives. Most probably these men comes from a dominant mother family and so they don't mind .

In a marriage , either one could be dominant . If you are a man , it would be better you become the dominant partner than to be dominated.

A woman looks up to a strong man.She would want to marry a man who is stronger than her .She is conditioned in that way.I hoped the world,one day in the future, would not come to the situations like those of the Amazon women warriors who ruled over men..

Whether you liked it or not, women has come to the world’s stage and they are flexing their muscles and new found freedom which their sisters in the last generations were denied.


Women and men are equals in the new age.

In the Victorian era and in the present, there are some societies which suppresses woman's right to equal opportunities in every field.They treat women as nothing more than a baby making factory or to serve the men and their needs.

Women are not allowed to work in certain fields because it is considered dangerous or inappropriate for them.

It is not that women are lacking in intelligence but men are afraid that they would be irrelevant if they let women compete on the same foothold.

Why do many people still believed that men and women are not equal?
Not equal in what sense?

Women may not have the physical strength of a man but if she is given the right trainings, her strength can increase like a man.

Most government are run by the men and they perpetuate the system where the women are not given the liberty and the opportunities that are enjoyed by the men.

Women have been stereotype to be the weaker sex and second class citizens by men and perpetuated through the ages.

There is a difference between men and women and it is only biological differences.Period.

Woman are made unequal by men because of social, economic and political factors. If you allow women the same opportunities for women to developed their skills and knowledge like in the US, in education, they excelled much better than man.

This shows that women are also intelligent and have brains which sometimes is better developed than males. It has been scientifically proven that woman's brains are bigger and more developed.

Men are constantly threatened by the ever presence of women in fields that was once a domain of men .Women are no more restricted to be just making babies or just cooks in the kitchen.
Women can do multitasking while men can only do single task at a time.

In the educational fields , women scores highly in exams and in the universities, women make up almost 60% of the enrollments in Malaysia.It is the brains that matters.If you have the intelligence , you are able to think and do many things.Men and women are equal in this field.

Men maybe stronger because of their biological make up. Women can also be strong if they wanted too.Look at those muscle women who have bodies like the Terminator.Woman prefers to be more feminine or this was the mould ,men would want their women to be in.

Women also live longer than men .Does it not tell you that woman's body are stronger and more lasting than man's body,even though they have to give birth which men cannot.

Who is the fragile sex? It is the Men. Don't be surprised.!

Witness some large countries like the Philippines and once Indonesia which was run by a woman President. It is because a woman can do a better job than them.

One day the US will also have a woman president in the not so soon future.
In the US, women have become fighter pilots ,astronauts and goes into combats in Iraq. Can you still say that there is inequality and that women are unequal to men?

There are certain spheres where men and women excelled in.They are well balanced and complement each other and women are equal and sometimes more equal than men.

Even in your house, your wife maybe better than you in certain spheres. She can do much better than you in areas like cooking ,house maintaining,taking care of children,.

Man want’s to subjugate , controlled and ruled woman as their slaves .

Some society treat women just like a baby making machine and nothing else. What a depraved society and a great loss to the nation.

Men and women may be different from the physical aspects but they are equal and they complement each other .To deny women their rights is gross violations of humanity.It is an oppression of women and the perpetuation of the male’s superiority myth in a patriarchal society.

God made men and women equal and to use scriptures to put down women is fundamentally incorrect. Scriptures were appropriate for that culture at that time and at that particular church and not prescriptive for all time.

Galatains 3:27-29:

“for all or you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

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Winter in the home.

We all know what winter is, it is very cold and icy and you may need to wear several layers of warm clothing's and thermal under wears. Luckily I live in the tropics where it is summer all the year round.

If you are just married, then it is bright summer.Winter comes when you both morphed ,one into a fridge and the other the air-con. Both blowing strong and cold winds at each other.Could be a perfect storm in the making or a blinding blizzard or an avalanche.

Conflicts in marriages are bound to happen as you do not see eye to eye with your spouse.He has his perspective and it is different from yours,and when both don't give way,something got to break.

Your love for each other went out through the windows or through the chimney, burnt and smokey. Love died and you begin to see each others imperfections.

You love each other and want the other to be happy but the devil seems to block your good intentions and what comes out is devil woman at war with Frankenstein man. You cannot talk his language and neither does he understands your language.

It becomes like a cat and a dog fight.No one want to give way.Going for broke.You scratch him viciously and he barks and may bite you back .Perhaps his bark is worse than his bite.

If it is a long winter, one or both of you will go hibernate like the bears for six months..Do not worry, winter will soon be over.. Just wait for the summer to come again ,it will..

One of you will change your attitudes and warms the icy snows that has formed a thick wall between you two.

Both of you will be tired and had enough of each other.There is a time for everything. A time to sow and a time to reap.The suffering takes it's toll and the fire is doused.

The cycle of love and hate will turn again when you reach the bottom , the nadir of despair or the mother of all despairs in your relationship. You will realize your follies and mistakes and try to make up or agree with your other partners viewpoints. Then you will have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts and you will learn your spouse’s love language and rub his back and warm his heart.

Winter will soon be over when the sun comes up again..

If you have winter now in your home, don't despair , just ride out the storm , don't leave but burrow deeper into your home ..Chinese (Cantonese) say "Teng ngan siong or chang lok hei!"



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