Saturday, August 8, 2009

More girls aged below 14 are having sex.

It is no more shocking to read those news. The age of sex has crept lower and lower and it is a sign of the times.The attitudes and values about sex has changed .

The media's portrayal of sex , the easy availability of sex from the internet and their busy parents are the some of the reasons for the change in the outlook and norms .

Those young girls are experiencing sex at an earlier age because of a change in attitude towards virginity.Virginity is no more an honour but a burden and they are in a hurry to lose their virginity to any guy.

The younger generations do not think highly of virginity and if they are still virgin by 15, she would be considered uncool or not the 'in' crowd. She maybe shunned from her group and some girls would lie about losing their virginity.

Having sex even if consensual is statutory rape under the law. Most of the girls have sex with their casual friends or boyfriends and some of them are about the same age.

The punishment is not the same depending on the man's age. If they are the same age or 2 years older, the man is fined , send to reform school , given probation or sometimes jailed.

The sentence is severe if the man is much older, he maybe jailed longer(18 to 20 years) and given six strokes of the cane.Even if the girls consented or lie about their age.

The underage girl is not punished as she is considered a minor and not responsible for her actions. She may lie about her age and in that heated moment , the men may not bother to check.

Those underage girls are engaging in unsafe sex and as a result they became pregnant or infected with STI's. Most of those girls do not understand the consequences or the responsibilities of their sexual exploits.

It is not entirely their fault because parents are too busy with their jobs and left their children to their own devices or under the care of their grandparents or maids.

The parents did not pay much attention to their daughters activities and those young girls have a tendency to lie about their activities from their parents.

Parents will have to get more involved in their teen's life and monitor their activities.It is the time when they require more attentions and love. When they don't get them , they will seek outside and from any man who would give them.

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