Sunday, May 31, 2009

Men are incorrigible liars ....because of women ?

Men are incorrigible liars and they will lie to win favours with the women.The men need their approvals unless they want to die as a lonely old man.

When they want to get into her pants, they will tell lies to make them appear smart or important.They will flatter her with lots of insincere compliments and praises.

They will claim that they are single when they are married.They will promise to call after an exciting date but will not. They will promise anything in order to win her approvals. This is a mating game to them.

There are many unscrupulous married men on the prowl looking for some adventures with those single, innocent and trusting females. The females are a gullible lot and believe most of those things men tell them.

Why do they lie?

They are programmed by the social customs and upbringings. To get the woman's approvals, they will have to repackage themselves to appeal to those women.They want to show that they are the best among the herd and that she should select him. An inexperienced woman would not be able to discern the masquerade and would fall for him.

Men have to lie because of woman's fault .It is totally unfair to blame the men alone because women are partly responsible for their actions. For every action , there is a reaction.Women play mind games and put those men to 'test' to weed out those impostors. The men will lie and cheat with intent to get past those barriers.

Sometimes, we cannot tell the truth and have to tell a white lie.There are occasions when it is better to tell a lie than the truth. Everyday , you need to practice good social skills by not telling the truth always as it can hurt your friends or love ones .

It may also jeopardize your friendship or promotion prospects.I rather be called a liar than to lose a very good friend. Women don't admit to telling lies but only spreading half truths. They seek honesty in men but they have a different standards for themselves.

How can you tell if he is lying ?

The eye is the window to his soul. By looking at his eyes, you can sense if he is telling the truth or not. His body may deceive you but it is difficult for the eye to lie. Another way is by his gestures and mannerisms. Be observant and you will know when he lies.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turn off the TV and Turn On Your Sex Lives

If you start watching T.V, you will get addicted to it everyday when your favourite programs come on.Many people are addicted to football or watching those serial dramas from Korea ,Hong Kong and other countries.

T.V is indispensable to many people and if you cannot watch T.V you will have those withdrawal symptoms like a drug addict. When the T.V is on , sex is put on hold.

There is only so much time left in a day after work and when T.V takes up a big proportion of your time , there is no more time left for sex.

When you are a typical middle age couple with a few kids in tow,life can become boring with repetitious tasks and there is no lack of enthusiasm anymore.Those daily chores would bury your sexual drive.

Those sexual therapist are advocating couples to 'Just do it!' If you Google this word , you would be absolutely shocked that there are 973 million results on that phrase alone and still increasing !
When you marry, your body does not belong to you anymore. Your husband has a right over them , just as you have a right over his body.

This is what marriage means. If your husband wants to have sex, even though you are not in the mood for it , you need to 'Just do it',for his sake and enjoyment. Husbands should not reject their wives when they need it too.

Most women cannot have sex when they do not feel the love.Women are programmed that way and some would use their sex as a weapon and reward or punish the men. They do not enjoy sex if love is absence.

The men should learn to love her according to her love language . Help her workload,be on her good side, pay attention to her needs and give plenty of praises.

Women expects love from men but those men simply cannot love when they do not have sex.Some men may make a show of their love for their women but those feelings are only external or superficial.

It is not real and does not come from the heart.Only when they are satisfied with the sex , do they feel the great warmth and loving feelings for their mates. After the sex, he will feel the waves of loving feeling for his mate.

Those waves may not last long and for some it could just be a few minutes and then they are back to their typical selves. That is why they need to have plenty of sex in order to keep those loving waves flowing out of their systems like the Yellowstone geyser. LOL!

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The menace of Ah Long's or loan sharks.

Loan sharking is very big business . Those syndicates can be very rich , powerful and well connected to the political system.

They can make big money and it is one of the fastest way to become super rich.It is an illegal business but which is hard to wipe out . Just like prostitution, drugs,guns, smuggling's and illegal casino's, they are the major earning arms of those triads or underworld gangs.

It is not without risks as borrowers can abscond without paying their loans or they can get killed from hired killers .There are some loan sharks which has been killed because of their activities or from other competitors.

Recent news about debtors being illegally detained ,chained, tortured and sometimes killed shows an escalating trend of those Ah long's tactics in recovering those money from those borrowers.

Before , it was just those threats of breaking an arm or a leg .Splashing of red paints on their properties are common. Some of them even harassed the neighbours or their relatives .Women and children can be victims as they have no choice to force those debtors to pay up .

You could report to the police but the police cannot protect you 24/7 . Alternatively , you could seek MCA's Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong if you live in Malaysia. He could try to meditate for a solution and solve your problem.

Some have no choice but to run and hide from those Ah Long's or work far far away in another state and never come back.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Evangelism or harassment ?

It is the duty of every Christian to evangelize God's word but not everyone is gifted with that gift. Evangelize doe not mean that you must stand on the street corners or in the mall and hand out religious pamphlets or Bibles .

You can evangelize by living the right way and be like a beacon in the sea of darkness.If your life is not much difference from those non Christians,your religion will be in vain.

If you don't have that gift, you may instead turn off people from your religion.Distributing Bibles and religious materials and inviting the non Christians to churches or cell groups are some of the ways to evangelize.

To hang outside schools and in public places and talking to those students or people about God is not the way to do it. It can be considered harassment and many people do not like to be accosted and be forced to listen to some religious nut.

They are like those pesky salesperson who is trying to sell you some useless gadgets. The more forceful you become , the more they will withdraw from you. Even good friends may avoid you .

Even as a Christian, I do not agree with this way of evangelizing. You will accomplish nothing but only contempt and dislike for your religion. There is a proper place and time to spread the word of God.

Going from door to door and talking about your religion can turn many people off . You may share your experience about what God has done in your life but not many people will believe you .

People are not interested in your religion when what you give them are only words and not deeds.Those who quote Bible scriptures are the worst kind. They want to show others that they are right, superior and holy than thou, while others are wrong.They pick and chose those scriptures they like and keep quiet about the other scriptures which showed their wrongs.

If you help them ,understand their problems and be there for them , they will listen to you .If a man is hungry , you do not tell him that God love him and the goodness of God, bless him and and then leave him to his own problems.

Will that poor hungry man accept your empty talk ? What good are empty words which cannot fill his empty stomach.What he needs is bread or food .Therefore , the man who gives him food gives it out of the love for God. You who gives him only words, do it out of your hypercritical love for God.

If you are of God, you will try to live the way God wants you to. You would be the living example of what your religion teaches.

You may put up posters or flyers or advertise in the newspapers about your activities in church and let them decide if they want to come or not.Those who want to seek more about God will come .

Whether a person is ready to accept God or not, only God Knows. Someone will plant a seed, others will water it and it is God who will decide when to harvest it.

To know God is to have love for others. Love thy neighbour as your self. Don't bang the Bible on their heads or forced them down their throats.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A happy woman is like a ripe plum.

Are there any happy women out there? Even if she feels happy , it will be only for a very short while.

Woman's wants and needs are insatiable .They are insecure about their appearances, their careers,their future or anything you can think off. They continuously sow doubts about their abilities,performances and self worth.

They want to accomplish many things and discover that they cannot be everywhere . They want to be the perfect wife, mother and career women and be a good and naughty nymph at bedtime .

They found that they do not have the time , energy and space to do all those chores .As a result many are disappointed , unhappy, tired and stressed out. They took on more than they can chew.

Life is about living and is like a long train journey on Earth which never ends. There are many interesting new places to see and new things to do each day.

We cannot jump at warp speed from one destination to another . A long journey will take time and to really enjoy the journey , one must saviour every moment of it . Life will go on at it's own pace .

Why the rush to reach the end of the destinations?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The cucumber and brinjal fetish.

A woman recently reported her husband to the police in Malaysia for abusing her sexually with a cucumber and a brinjal (egg plant) for the past six years.The man used those vegetables to satisfy his wife as he had ED after an accident. It was his wife's idea to use those vegetables.

You can imagine the length and size of those vegetables!Oh! My goodness! Either you are crazy using them as a substitute or you have a very loose vagina.Women would rather go for those dildos, vibrators or a vibrating dildo.

Perhaps they are not available at her place or they prefer the cheaper alternative which can be used to satisfy her sexually as well as fill their stomach. ( Gross!)

Why only come out to report him after six years?

What was her rational in reporting him to the police ?

I would have thought that the case would be close since it is an open and shut case. Apparently, there is more than we thought.There is now a new twist to this saga.

She had a hidden motive and after the police investigated her, it was found that the man did not consent to her divorce . She probably threatened him and when he did not respond, she reported the case to the authorities.She wanted to be with her new boyfriend.

When she heard that the police were investigating her instead of her husband , she wanted to withdraw her police report.She thought she could use the police to arm twist her husband to grant her a divorce. Now, she could probably be facing a charge for making a false police report and may go to jail.

Some women can be obnoxious and contemptible and when they don't get their way , she will unleash her evil forces. She will willingly sleep with you and when you don't do as she wants, she would cry 'rape!'Some men have been send to jail on those false rape charges.

There was another case of the cucumber and brinjal murder case of the 9 year's old girl, Nurin in 2007, who was abducted and brutally killed. They left her sexually ravaged body in a sports bag outside a shop lot. They found cucumber and brinjal inside her vagina and anus. She could be the target of those paedophiles. The killer is still free .

Don't leave your children alone or allow them to go out alone. Disaster can strike any moment.Better to be safe than sorry !

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Are you falling out of love ?

When you are just married, everything is so sweet and fragrant.It is the beginning of a new journey of hope ,great expectations and promises . You want to go out there to conquer the world , climb the highest mountain and live life to the fullest with your soul mate.

The real world is different from our imaginary world . It can be very cold , cruel and harsh and the attrictions of life can tear and wear one down. You will find that your love for him/her is not the same anymore .

Circumstance have changed and molded your new perceptions of life and your partner. Now, you see with a more matured, experience and cynical outlook.
The one whom you idolized and worshiped the ground s/he walks on does not glitter and shine anymore but appear jaded and faded.

Do you want to walk away or perform CPR, the kiss of life to revive the marriage?

Some marriages are in the ICU and fate will decide the outcome. It is difficult to rekindle or spark the fire again when it has been extinguished for a very long time.

If one is the air- conditioning and the other a deep freezer , blowing at each other,then the wall of ice that separates the two of you will grow thicker and stronger and your home will be in a perpetual winter.

If you want to save your marriage and to rekindle the love again, you will need to start a fire to thaw out that icy wall from your home. You need to care about each other more,to nurture your relationship and to love him/her again unconditionally.

To see him again through another's eye. To focus on his strength and positives. No one is perfect and do not have too high expectations of others.

Either one of you will have to change for the better to save the marriage. You cannot change others but only yourself.

If after all you have done and tried your very best and the patient cannot revive, then you will have to accept your fate and let him/her go.

If there is no more love and happiness and your union is broken down beyond repair, it is better to release each other and seek each others destiny.

Marriage is no bed of roses and you have to work at it.Marriage is a journey of a lifetime until death separates us. You need to look out for each other , help each other to fulfill their aspirations and to carry each other's burdens.

If you want love, you need to give love first. Sow more love and you will reap more love.

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If you want to win a girl's heart...

If you want to win a girl's heart, you do not have to shower her with expensive gifts, flowers or fold 100 or 1000 paper cranes or stars . If she is fond of you and is attracted to you , she does not expect any presents from you. You may give her some meaningful token gifts which is not expensive in nature .

What she likes about you is the intangible gifts that you have. Your confidence, manners, attentions, charms and the ability to make her feel good about herself.

You do not have to impress her with any expensive presents.Sending expensive gifts is a waste of money and it does not serve the purpose. If she is not into you , she is simply not into you.She is not your type of girl .Better to give it up early than to waste your time , money and efforts.

Sending her expensive gifts can show that you are trying too hard to catch her eye.
She may even be suspicious of you and your intentions. If she is not interested in you , she does not want to have anything to do with you except as platonic friends only.She may also perceived your gifts as a bribe to change her mind about you .

There are some men who think that they can sway the girls by being generous and lavishing all kinds of gifts to them.If they are good girls and have no interest in him , they will return his gifts but if they are bad ones, they will just gobbled them up and expect for more.

Today's young girls wanna have fun. They will be on a look out for those 'suai-yee's '(Cantonese term for terrapins or dumb guys)

If she accepts your gift but does not respond in kind, then you know you are up against a gold digger. You become her cabbage .She will chop a big chunk out of you if you are not wise enough to recognize her kind. When you cannot feed their habits, they will dump you and look for another.

It is only when you have won her heart and assured of her love for you , you can then invest heavily in her .It shows how much you love her and value her, for actions speak louder than words.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

When is the right time to sleep with a woman?

When she is willing , she is hot and she is asking for it.
For that to happen, you will need to woo her , shower her with your love, affections and attentions and be at the right place and at the right time.

When she loves you more than you love her,it will be like a breeze. She will open all her doors for you to walk into her parlour.The only obstacle is yourself. Do you want to take her as your lifelong partner or will you just wanna have fun with her ?

Beware that she has her own plans and aspirations about you too.She may set a trap for you and you will be caught and then domesticated..LOL!

When do you want sex with her depends on your strong or weak religious beliefs, your moral upbringings and your personal beliefs. She may have her own sets of rules too.

If she is on the same wave length as you , then things will move faster and you will know where you stand with regards to each other. You do not have to grope in the dark about her position.

Not all things are black and white and the situations can change if you can convince her with your loves, affections and commitments.Your goal post and hers can shift in the course of your relationships.

Today's modern females are a liberated and emancipated lot and think of sex as a fun and enjoyable experience.Those living in big metropolitan cities are more liberal and open minded about sex. As long as they practice safe sex , everything goes.

They have no strings attached sex, one night stands and just meet up with some interesting guys to have a good f*ck and nothing more. They enjoy each other until somebody more interesting comes into their life.

For the normal and average couple who is in love with each other, it is better to wait until you are very sure of the love and commitment towards each other.They need to take their relationship to a higher level.When you have reached that level, your minds should think alike.It can be uncanny to see and think alike. Maybe , it is your spirit and her spirit in tune and communicating with each other.

When you are at the planning stage to get married or engaged to each other, she would feel more secure and may not have any objections to sleeping together.

There should not be any pressures on her. It should come naturally and usually when one is intoxicated with alcohol. Alcohol can loosen the inhibitions .When she is ready , she may give you hints but men being obtuse will not get to feel it and hence she will have to lead him softly down the path to the garden of Eden. She feels she has blossomed into a beautiful flower and is ripe to let him smell the sweet scents and enjoy the fragrance.

You simply cannot verbalize it between the two of you. Sex is like watching a silent movie. You have to read her body signals and to test each other if she is ready for it or not or whether you have both reached that point of no return...LOL!

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You want to jump off the bridge, let me give you a hand..!

A would be suicide jumper on a high bridge in Guangzhou city,China was pushed off the bridge by a man because he could not stand such a selfish person.

There were too many recent cases and he was very upset with such people who caused all those huge traffic jams and miseries to people like him.

Each time someone threatened to jump , it would cause huge traffic jams on the bridge and the police, ambulance and 911's will be on hand to prevent it.

He broke through the snarled traffic jams on the bridge and through the police cordon to shake hands with him and then kicked his ass off the bridge.It was totally unexpected.

The would be suicide fella did not suspect his intentions and luckily he was saved and only hurt his back.

In hard times like the present situation , many people are forced into debts and they could not take it and wanted to commit suicide.

The rich are more prone to suicide as some have lost everything and they could not face the reality of living a poor life.

In Malaysia, many motorist are busy bodies. Whenever there is an accident , those motorist would slow down and look at the accident and cause long traffic jams.

Some of them even park their cars nearby to go and find out in more details about the accident. Some would get those car numbers and bet on those numbers.

On the Penang Bridge, the bridge authorities have fenced up the middle portion so that motorist cannot see the other side of the road or view the scenery.

This bridge has seen some suicide jumpers . There were a few successful one's and a few lived to tell the tale. Even the loan sharks threatened to throw off those bad debtors on this bridge.

If you see a a car or a motor bike parked there or see some shoes by the side, it is most probably some one who does not want to live anymore.

When they jumped off the bridge, they could be hitting 180mph all the way down and the impact may knock the wind out of them and being unconscious will drown. The current will then sweep them out to sea or to the nearby mudflats.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Is having sex too early , good or bad ?

Today , you will find that the teens are engaging in sex at a very early age. The younger generations may not see eye to eye with the older generations about sex.

Perceptions have changed and more and more are doing it without any conscience about the morality or impropriety because it has become the norm in the new millennium.

People who start having sex at a younger age appear to be at greater risk of developing sexual health problems later in life.

For the men , it could be erectile dysfunction, difficulty in maintaining an erection or orgasm.

On the average, most teens have sex at around 15 to 18 .Those who had sex at 14 and below were early starters.

Those who started relatively young would have many sexual partners and run the risk of those sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

The computer age, sexual exploitations of those media and the widespread availability of porn in the internet and DVD's are the major causes in the sexual adventurism of the young.

After getting together for a few days or some on their first date,they are doing it on a regular basis without any thoughts about their future.They are too young and immature to grasp the meaning of life and cannot even support themselves financially and must still depend on their parents help.

It is only a matter of time when they get pregnant or acquired STD's and then their world will fall apart. Will they decide to keep the baby or to abort. Such a big decision can be catastrophic to the child and to the parents.

Having the baby can keep the mother off from school or delay her educational process. Choosing abortion would end a young and innocent life.Abortions can have deep psychological and mental effects to her future well being. They are caught between the rock and the deep blue sea.

Their bodies may have matured physically but mentally , they are still kids and are not aware of the consequences from a mental , emotional and psychological perspective.

Generally, most of them do not know much about STD's or conception. They may learn some from the internet or from the gutters about sex.

They learn the hard way, when they get pregnant or have those STD"s. They do not practice safe sex or are unaware of how to protect themselves from those STD's or pregnancy.

Sex may have different connotations to different people. To me , sex is the height of one's love and affections towards each other . There is the emotional and mental relationship which brings two people closer together , a deep commitment like a marriage .Today , the term 'casual sex' is very common. There are f*ck buddies or friends with benefits (FWB)

If a relationship is not on a strong footing, sex may alter the equations. Sex can destroy a great friendship because you would view your friend in another light. You cannot be mere friends or a platonic friend anymore.

It is definitely bad if they are too young to understand the real meaning why people have sex , it's purpose and the responsibilities it entails.

"If we are only friends, why do you kiss me.....?"



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