Monday, July 27, 2009

Women, unusual sex and black magic .

In this modern times, do you believe that the devil can have carnal intercourse with a woman ?

Whether it is a myth or fact, it is believed that some angels secretly left Heaven for Earth to disguise themselves as men and have sex with the women and they were discovered and banished from Heaven. They were fallen angels and Earth became their abode.

There are a lot of people who believed in black magic ,especially people from Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. They believed some people have those powers to call upon those dark evil forces to do their bidding's.Some followers of these occult even rear those spirits to look after their house or properties.

Two women have filed for divorce on grounds that their husbands' unusual sex drive is linked to black magic. Having sex more than 10 times a day is very unusual and abnormal!

Either you have got a very strange and abnormal ailment or you are demonically possessed with those supernatural strengths.

They found the riddle to his unusual sex drive. There were two of them! How is this possible and why they did not detain the other person is a mystery.

Those men must have dealt in black magic according to those people. When they discovered the other person , it must have disappeared into the thin air.

Were there devil or devils who took turns having sex with those two women ?

Having sex for more than 10 times a day is no easy feat.There is definitely something fishy and supernatural about those two men. Pity those poor women who did not know what they got into .

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Jerine said...

I can't even keep up with my bf who gets turn on every night. Ten times a day is crazy!

Suzie1318 a.k.a Laura1318 said...

Definitely something amiss there but the story is a bit bizarre. I wonder if it is really true .


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