Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forced to perform sexual acts with her husband's friends while he watched.

Sometimes, she performs with her husband's friend while he watched on the sideline and other times they performed together while his friend watched. Maybe, they even had a threesome on some occasions.

Oh! What a wicked society this world has become!

Their world came crushing down when the woman got tired of it and reported to the police about their going on.

Why did she only come out in the open after four long years ?

The idea of asking your wife to have sex with your friend is repugnant and repulsive. She is not a commodity where you can trade her services. There is something not right if she agrees to do as she is told.

It is not just a simple matter to do the sexual act like those animals and act like nothing happens after.There are complex issues to over come as women are wired differently.

The emotional,mental and psychological issues may weigh heavily on the women and affect their future relationship.It is like letting the green and evil demons out from the dark dungeons and there is no knowing what havoc they will create.

There are some circumstances where the women are forced to have sex with those loan sharks when her husband cannot repay his debts or owe debts to others because of his addiction to gambling.

Some low life men may even pimp their wives and live off their immoral earnings.

It is very degrading to the women and no women should be forced to do what she does not want.

In some societies,like the Eskimo's, their women welcome guest to their home by sleeping with them .

There are free thinking couples who willingly or one of them being coerced to go to those swing parties.It could be the man or the woman who initiate the sexual exploits.

Some of them may have a dull sex life or their marriage is in a rut and wanted to spice up their sex life by going to those swing parties or having a friend for a threesome.

It maybe fun and exciting but the after effects may be very bitter.Whether one is forced or a willing participant, the end result does not auger well for that relationship.

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