Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sex with a younger woman is a perfect recipe for keeping men healthy and fit ?

The simple way to keep men healthy is to have sex daily , especially with a younger woman ! Not every man will be able to follow this prescription. The majority will still have to take their high blood pressure pills, their chlorestrol pills and their multivitamin pills and exercise daily.

This is like a dream come true but how many men in their twilight years can have sex everyday? No fears ! There is now the Viagra tablet to perk him up and continue his amorous lifestyle.

It is simple to say that having sex daily can make men healthy. Before you can have sex, you need the energy and fitness to have sex. It is like the chicken comes first or the egg comes first argument ?

If you are not fit and healthy , you cannot enjoy your sex. Another school of thoughts says, you need to be healthy to enjoy sex.

In order to have sex daily , you will need to eat right, exercise regularly,relax and have enough sleep. You need to feel mentally and physically fit and then you will feel good about everything including sex. There is no shortcut to health by just having daily sex and ignoring all those other factors.

You may have to use drugs to sustain the pace and the daily sex may either spur you to keep fit or it will drag you down the over exertion road and the end result is a spent and lifeless lump of flesh .You may even suffer a heart attack.

Your brain is the most important sex organ. If it is not well taken care off, you won't be able to perform or feel good about anything.

Want to feel happy , healthy and erotic?

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