Thursday, June 25, 2009

Girl Who Doesn't Age..

Brooke Greenberg turned 16 in January. Though she is 16 years old, her physical size and mental capacity has not grown or develop but remain as a toddler. She is about 16lbs and 30 inches.The are many documented instances of children who fail to grow or develop in some way.

If you meet her , you would not understand that she is 16 year's old.Her mother has given up explaining.She doesn't speak, but she laughs when she is happy, and she clearly recognizes the people around her. She looks like a 6-month-old, but she kind of has a personality of a 16-year-old.

She is a unique case. It is like time stood still for her and she is forever stuck in that time warp.Doctors and scientist are puzzled and cannot explain this phenomenon.Nobody knows why and how ?

Will she be forever as she is and how long will she lives? What is her secret ?These are questions , no one knows. Scientists may try to uncover the secrets of aging and find the formula to prevent aging and lives longer.

Her family revolves around her and she is well loved and taken care by them. She was born that way and there is nothing much one can do to change her circumstances.They have learnt to accept her and treat her with much love and care.

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