Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If you date three women at the same time while still married...

Having one wife is not enough for this man . He went and dated three other women . His wife found out about the three other women and they gang up and hatched a plan to get revenge on him.

He was lured to a motel room , tied up and then the show began. He was lucky to escape only with minor injuries.

Women maybe the weaker sex but you should not mess with them. Some are known to have cut off their manhood while they were sleeping . In one extreme case, the woman tied firecrackers to his tool and lit a match.'Ka Boom!'

Those philandering men should watch out , the sexy kitten can turn into one ferocious big cat.

The man did not really love them but only used them for their money and sex.It was what riled them and made them seek revenge on him.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Any women want sex call me 9511868802


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