Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He is a teacher, gigolo and brothel manager.

He is a school games master , a gigolo and runs a brothel with his wife.What a life !While selling your body for money is not illegal in England, profiting from prostitution is.

His secret came out in the open during a police probe into illegal sex-trafficking from Eastern Europe in that red light district.

Being a respectable teacher, he should know the consequences of mixing those jobs together.You either have to choose one or the other.After he was exposed, he had to leave the teaching profession.

Why did he turn to vice?

We won't know the actual reasons but the lure of the cash and the excitements was too tempting for him and his wife was an expert in that field.

His wife has been a prostitute since she was 16.I am sure that he knew what she was doing before he married her.It is admirable that he married a hooker but her dark world done him in .

Profiting from prostitution even though the girls are willing is against the law .He may have provided the safety and the amenities for those hookers but if there is no law for legalized prostitution then he has broken the law. In some countries where prostitution is legalized, then it is not an offense.

For those who intent to moonlight as a social escort or a part time hooker/gigolo,you better count the cost because you cannot have a foot in the respectable world and another foot in the deep and murky cesspool.

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